Research Group
Newcastle Youth Studies Group


Young Hospitality Workers and Value Creation in the Service Economy

Dr David Farrugia, Dr Julia Cook, Dr Steven Threadgold with Prof Ros Gill (University of London), Prof Lisa Adkins (University of Sydney)

  • 2019-2021 Australian Research Council ($197,433)

The bidirectional impact of intergenerational transfers for entry into the property market: Understanding wellbeing implications for donors and recipients

Dr Julia Cook (with Dr Louise Overton, University of Birmingham)

  • $5000

The Formation of Young Workers: A Multi Sited Study on the Periphery

Dr David Farrugia

  • 2016-2018 Australian Research Council ($334,237)

Young People, Insecurity and Affective Labour: a Study of 'Front of House' Service Labour

Dr David Farrugia, Dr Steven Threadgold, Dr Julia Coffey and Professor Lisa Adkins.

  • 2015 Faculty of Education and Arts, University of Newcastle ($13,500)

Fostering Pro-Environment Consciousness and Practice: Environmentalism, Environmentality and Environmental Education in Indonesia

Professor Lynette Parker, Dr Gregory Acciaioli and Professor Pamela Nilan

  • 2013-2015 ARC Discovery Grant ($580,000)

From Subculture to Career? DIY Economies and Network Capital

Dr Steven Threadgold

Youth, Transitions and Bodies

Dr Julia Coffey

  • 2014 Youth Research Centre, ECR scheme University of Melbourne ($20,450)

Youth Homelessness in Regional Areas

Dr David Farrugia

  • Funded project with Federation University ($14,000)
  • Post-doctoral fellow on a Federally funded Collaborative Research Network (CRN) Self-Sustaining Regions ($16 million)

Struggling and Strategy: Higher Education and Labour Market 'Transitions'

Professor Penny Jane Burke; Dr Steven Threadgold