Tracy Redhead

Research area: the interactive music producer

This study investigates the emerging role of the interactive music producer. In the professional music landscape this role has arisen as interactive technologies offer artists and audiences new tools and opportunities to completely reinvent forms of music. New interactive music products and performance forms are gaining in momentum as artists and the music industry struggle to find new ways to connect with audiences and create value in their products and services.  The definition of an Interactive Music Producer’s role will be clarified, evaluated and explored throughout this research. The research identifies the necessary skills underpinning cutting edge contemporary music practice. Focused research towards artistic approaches of interactive music making are needed due to the complex nature of developing interactive products, which usually involves custom-built software and expert interdisciplinary skills. This creates a huge problem for musicians and the music industry wanting to embrace changes in technology and communication. This research aims to address this problem by providing a new role that merges interactive technologies with traditional music making.

The creative practice will involve building on existing skills in software and coding, producing interfaces, patches and software to test and experiment with while composing, recording, arranging, designing and producing works that are fluid adaptive and dynamic with audience interaction. By taking a bricoleur approach the researcher / artist is able to directly access potential impacts interactive technologies may have on contemporary music making and practice.