Sue Carson

Research Area: Crossover singing performance and pedagogy

The central focus of this research is to investigate the practices and ideas that professional female crossover singers use to perform and teach multiple genres of voice.

Recent evidence indicates that there is an increase in the number of singers experimenting with, teaching and working professionally in more than one genre.

The breadth of approaches to the performance and teaching of multiple genres is influenced by a range of cultural, social, educational and employment factors, not least of which is the proliferation of contemporary commercial music (CCM) singing styles.

There is limited research on vocal performance methods that transfer theory to practice and which address the multi-disciplinary knowledge required for current crossover artists.

The principal aim of this study is to formulate a systematic understanding of crossover singing practice.

I am currently analyzing recent publications and recordings, conducting interviews with practitioners and will undertake a series of creative works to illuminate this area of research.

It is expected that this research will identify the features of and approaches to particular styles, potential for cross-polination between styles and the interaction between these approaches and creative outcomes.

It is hoped the concepts derived from this research will be relevant to performers and teachers in the field.