Matthew Gardiner

Research area: ORI* On Folding and Technology

(Supervisory collaboration with Ars Electronica Futurelab)

Folding is a language of structure. This is the central tenet in an ongoing field of artistic research that to date has been known as oribotics–a conjunction of technology and tradition expressed as the robotisation of paper folding. If folding is a language of structure, then what is the syntax and grammar, and where is the dialogue?

The syntax and grammar we can uncover, step by step, and appreciate an overall aesthetic of this language, the geometric forms, stylistic triangular faces, and curved lines are found in the folding vernacular.

The dialogue is harder to visualise, the process of folding and unfolding reveals to us the relationship between the interconnected and simultaneous arcs of folded movements.

It is precisely this dialogue that oribotics has been pursuing through research into folds, fabrication, electronics, pleating, computation, and interactions, and it is precisely this dialogue that it will continue to develop, along with a theoretical frame of folding that aims to be of benefit to practitioners in the arts, design, architecture and also the associated fields of mathematics and scientific origami.