Kristefan Minski

Research area: Collaboration in experimental arts

(Supervisory collaboration with Ars Electronica Future Lab)

The intention of this research is to bring new perspectives through focusing on the unique activity of how people collaborate in experimental art space.

Early stages of the investigation revealed contradictions in the understanding of working relationships.

One requires a well-defined and goal orientated approach whereas the other forms them in, and as part of, the process. Moreover, collaboration is often incorrectly applied for undertakings which are rather akin to a cooperation or coordination.

These are important distinctions when various disciplines are merged in a collective problem solving context.

This research asks whether the word collaboration can be used in the same way in experimental arts practice as in commercial contexts and if so, what are the processes required?

It examines established theoretical archetypes found in transdisciplinary research to present a model which accepts, and embraces, the contradiction and conundrum as a way to achieve a content state of practice and reduce limiting factors.

It assumes that this experimental art process is often hindered by superfluous efforts of trying to definitively explain the phenomena which is forever changing.