Amelia Besseny

Amelia Besseny

Research area: Music folksomony

Over a span of less than twenty years the widespread uptake of cloud computing and music streaming services have prompted a rapid and exponential growth in the accessibility of music.

User made tags make up an integral part of music experiences in retrieval, cataloguing, navigation and commentary of music online.

In 2004, Thomas Vander Wal coined the neologism folksonomy in response to the user-generated social tags in use on Flickr and

In this research I call upon folksonomy, as a channel to investigate user-based tagging systems on music streaming platforms.

This research, conducted around the milestone of one decade for many music websites such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp and movements such as #RecordStoreDay, investigates music folksonomy beyond its use for retrieval, as a process and practice engaging user wayfinding and taste.

It asks, how do users negotiate and wayfind in a cloud-based music world with folksonomy?