About Us

The Australian Writing after the Internet Research Network applies humanities and the creative industries approaches to examine how digital aesthetics have affected the way that Australian literature is produced and read.

Our team includes scholars with research interests in literary studies, creative writing, and media studies, who all examine writing and digital culture in relation to:

  • Creating new literary forms and publications through digital media
  • Enabling new modes of experiencing and responding to art.
  • Understanding how digital aesthetics are reshaping the way we read and write.
  • Facilitating new networks and information sharing about digital writing practices.
  • Engaging with both local and global producers and platforms for digital literature.

Members have a track record of successful projects (including nationally competitively funded) in relation to: literary tastemaking, Australian publishing, social media and the visual arts, contemporary Australian poetry, and contemporary literary cultures, among many others. The group has expertise in a variety of digital humanities, quantitative, and social science methods, including data scraping from social reading sites, other forms of social media metric analysis, the analysis of bibliometric data, sociological approaches to literature, and sentiment analysis, among others.

[Header image detail: Jess Jones.]