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Laureate Professor Nick Talley


Laureate Professor Nick Talley is a neurogastroenterologist, a specialist in unexplained gut disorders affecting nerves and muscles such as irritable bowel syndrome, severe indigestion and slow stomach emptying, conditions which affect millions of people.

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Professor Marjorie Walker


Professor Marjorie Walker's research expertise as a histopathologist are in the interpretation of clinical or molecular events in tissue sections, correlating both routine pathology and immunocytochemistry to demonstrate particular cells or their function or secretion with clinical patient data.

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Associate Professor Martin Veysey


Associate Professor Martin Veysey's clinical and research interests include medical education, molecular nutrition, colorectal cancer and luminal gastrointestinal disease

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Dr Susan Hua

Pharmacy and Experimental Pharmacology

Dr Susan Hua's research focus is on therapeutic targeting utilising novel drug delivery platforms in biomedical applications. She is particularly interested in using nanotechnology to study novel mechanistic pathways, as well as to develop more efficient therapeutic delivery systems.

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Dr Simon Keely

Immunology and Microbiology

Dr Simon Keely is examining molecular mechanisms of disease in the gastrointestinal tract. Dr. Keely is particularly interested in how the mucosal tissues function and repair with reduced oxygen availability during inflammation.

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Associate Professor Chris Dayas


A contemporary contributor to understandings of the central nervous system, Associate Professor Chris Dayas is proving – and, at times, disproving – ideas about the brain’s structure and its influence on motivation and emotion.

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Associate Professor Mark McEvoy

Public Health

Associate Professor Mark McEvoy is an Epidemiologist with a primary interest in chronic disease he has successfully developed five key areas of research aimed at identifying new risk factors and developing prevention strategies for chronic diseases that fall within the National Health Priority areas.

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Professor Bob Callister


Professor Bob Callister's current research can be broadly classified as neurophysiology with emphasis on nerve cell excitability and synaptic mechanisms in spinal cord and brainstem neurons. Focus is on sensory systems, including those involved in processing information related to nociception, touch and balance.

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Professor Deborah Hodgson


Professor Deborah Hodgson works at the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and immunology, to explore the impact of early life events on long term health outcomes.

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Professor Rodney Scott

Information Based Medicine

Professor Rodney Scott's research interest is in inherited forms of cancer. His research focuses on the identification of genes associated with with inherited forms of cancer and better defining these inherited entities such that more appropriate intervention strategies can be developed

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Professor Phil Hansbro

respiratory diseases

Professor Phil Hansbro is an internationally recognised research leader in the study of respiratory diseases, such as asthma, chronic obstructive airway disease (COPD, aka emphysema) and infections and is developing interests in lung cancer.

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Dr Ian Grainge

Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Dr Ian Grainge is interested in all aspects of how bacteria pass on their genetic information, from DNA replication to chromosome segregation and accurate cell division.

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