Vegan geographies

Dr Paul Hodge, A/Prof Andrew McGregor (Macquarie University), Dr Yamini Narayan (Deakin University), Dr Simon Springer (University of Victoria, CAN), Dr Ophélie Véron (Université Catholique de Louvain, FR), Dr Richard J. White (Sheffield Hallam University, UK)

Veganism as an ethics and a practice has a recorded history dating back to Antiquity. Yet, it is only recently that researchers have begun the process of formalising the study of veganism. Scholars who examine this theory and action are usually situated in sociology, history, philosophy, cultural studies or critical animal studies. The centrality and contested nature of place in the actions and discourse of animal rights activists however suggest an inherently spatial praxis. As scholars-activists identifying with veganism, we seek to underscore what geographers can contribute to our understanding of critical veganism and vegan praxis.


Indicative Publication

Hodge P, McGregor, M., Narayan, Y., Springer, S., Véron, O., White, R, Vegan Geographies: Ethics Beyond Violence (Vol I), (unpublished collection).