The Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS) engages in research focused on the complex political, economic, social, cultural and environmental processes and relations that are transforming cities and regions.

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Neighbourhood housing home

This research engages with transformations in the provision, governance and lived practices of housing and home in contemporary Australian cities, and their implications for urban neighbourhood and social interaction.

Privatising neighbourhoods? Governance and social life in master-planned residential estates (ARCDP0772518)
Pauline McGuirk, Robyn Dowling (Macquarie University), Rowland Atkinson (York University, UK) 

This project investigates governance, neighbourhood life and emergent subjectivities in master-planned residential estates (MPREs), with a focus on Sydney. Using a framework of post-structural political economy, it explicitly focuses on the intersections of public and private governance mechanisms, the relationships between privatism, privatisation and social distinction, and the ways we might rethink theories of urban neoliberalism through the prism of the MPRE.

Housing/home/neighbourhood as practice
Kathy Mee

This project examines the processes through which housing becomes a home for residents, including the ways in which home is experienced through a range of home-making practices. It explores the relationship between experiences of home and neighbourhoods. The work has particular focus on the processes and experiences of home-making in public housing.


More-than-useful geographies of gardens in public housing, Nicola Vaughan (2007-2012)


Homemaking practices in medium density inner Newcastle (Tom Baker 2008)



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Presentations include

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