The University of Newcastle, Australia


Transforming cities: city lives, city natures, city politics

Besides dominating the pattern of human settlement, cities are dynamic spaces which both mirror and mould social, cultural, political-economic and environmental processes.  Research on this theme explores the transforming nature of urban spaces, places, politics and practices and the importance of the urban in contemporary transformations of governance, everyday residential life and human/non-human relations.

Current projects

Sustaining urban and regional communities and environments

We live in uncertain times when communities are confronting an environmental future shaped by anthropogenic climate change, and when economic foundations are being shaken. CURS researchers are working on projects to better understand this current context and to shape future pathways.

Current projects

Critical development studies: decolonising research

A commitment to social justice and transformative politics both within Australia and internationally underpins this research area. CURS researchers work collaboratively with Indigenous people, social movements and non-governmental organisations and policy-makers locally and in the Asia-Pacific region, to address the spatial dimensions of human and environmental vulnerability and to help build spaces of possibility.

Current projects