Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank

The Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank is a nationwide collaboration of scientists looking for thousands of volunteers to help unlock the mystery of schizophrenia.  Schizophrenia involves alterations in brain structure and function. Research suggests that schizophrenia may be a developmental disorder resulting from alterations in the maturation of the nervous system.

The Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank is a valuable resource and is the biggest research program of its type ever undertaken in Australia.   The primary aim of the Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank is to facilitate scientific research into schizophrenia by:

  • Collecting, storing and providing comprehensive, cross-referenced clinical, neuropsychological, genetic and brain imaging data from people with schizophrenia and healthy controls.
  • Recruitment of volunteers to participate in specific schizophrenia research projects.

The Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank head office is located in Newcastle (Mater Hospital Campus) and is managed by A/Prof Carmel Loughland.  Sample processing is performed by local researchers at the Callaghan Campus and Hunter Genetics locations.

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