The Centre for Translational Neuroscience and Mental Health (CTNMH) is focused on increasing understanding of brain/mental disorders including schizophrenia, stroke, pain and sensory dysfunction, ageing, cognition, depression, addiction, stroke, dementia

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Cool Kids Program

The Cook Kids Program is run by the Psychology Clinic.  The clinic runs a 10 session group-based CBT program called "Cool Kids" for primary school aged children with anxiety. They also run a 12 session version of "Cool Kids" specifically modified to suit those children with Autism Spectrum Disorder who also suffer significant symptoms of anxiety. These programs run each school term.

If you are interested in accessing the Cool Kids Program, please contact Emma Bence (clinic coordinator) on 02 4921 5075

Activities Club for Retirees

The club meets weekly and aims to:

  • Promote friendship
  • Develop new interests
  • Encourage further thinking
  • Maintain manual dexterity and mobility
The Church of the Good Shepherd Hall, Joslin St, Kotara

Every Thursday, 10am - 2pm


Activities, morning tea and light lunch provided for small donation

The club is strictly non-denominational and members from all backgrounds are welcome.

For further information contact:

  • Valerie Roach phone +61 2 4952 1587 or
  • Sandra Astley phone +61 2 4943 1914