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The Centre incorporates a team of dedicated researchers and professional staff who have demonstrated experience in delivering social research services to government, industry and communities.

Project Director

Dr Hedda AsklandDr Hedda Askland

Dr Hedda Askland is a social anthropologist with expertise in methodological approaches to social research and research with vulnerable groups within communities. Dr Askland has experience managing collaborative research projects with government and industry, and specialises in research that examines: changes in land use, social change and development, migration and kinship, identity and belonging...(read more)


Nancy Cushing

Associate Professor Nancy Cushing

Associate Professor Nancy Cushing is an environmental historian with a research interest in human animal relations, and a secondary interest in the history of Newcastle. Cushing brings an immigrant's perspective to the Australian past seeking to understand why and how particular cultural forms emerged. In these investigations, she is most interested in the relationship between non-Indigenous Australians and the natural environment...(read more).

Julie McIntyre

Dr Julie McIntyre

Dr Julie McIntyre is a leading wine historian whose research on agriculture and environments focuses on how the growing, making, selling, drinking and export of Australian grape wine is a window to human desire, changing identities and landscapes...(read more).

Dr Chris Krogh

Dr Krogh is a social scientist whose current focus is the Gosford CBD project through which he contributes discipline-specific and analytic thinking about the processes of revitalising, reimagining and remaking Gosford CBD...(read more).

PhD Students

  • Justine Groizard: Animals, Politics and the Construction of Identity: The Greyhound as a Dominant Symbol
  • David Dhert: Indigeneity, mining and displacement: Adani and the Wangang and Jagalingou People