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Virtual Magnetospheric Observatories (VMO)

> NASA (Virtual Magnetospheric Observatory at NASA)

> UCLA (Virtual Magnetospheric Observatory at the University of California, Los Angeles)

> UofA  (Canadian Space Science Data Portal at University of Alberta, Canada)

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> AGU The American Geophysical Union Web page

> Annales Geophysicae European Geophysical journal site

> Australian Antarctic Division

> British Antarctic Survey

> CARISMA Canadian Geospace Monitoring program: Canadian Space Agency

> CGM Corrected Geomagnetic Coordinates

> CUTLASS UK SuperDARN radars

> Directory of SPA Web Sites

> Elsevier Earth and Planetary Sciences publications

> European Space Agency

> European Geosciences Union

> Geophysical Institute University of Alaska, USA

> Geoscience Australia

> GEM Geospace Environment Modeling

> HF Propagation Models from US Department of Commerce

> HF and VHF Radar University of Saskatchewan, Canada

> IAGA The International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

> IMAGE Magnetometer Array

> ISTP International Solar-Terrestrial Physics (NASA Goddard Space Filght Center)

> ISTP Related Links

> JGR Space Physics

> Kp and Ap Indexes

> Latrobe University Chemistry and Physics Department, Melbourne, Australia

> Los Alamos MPA Data (Plasma Density Data)

> MACCS Magnetometer Array at Augsburg College

> Magnetospheric Yellow Pages

> NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

> NASA Space Science Page

> NGDC National (USA) Geophysical Data Center

> NSSDC National Space Science Data Center (Goddard Space Flight Center)

> Radio and Space Physics Group at Leicester University, UK.

> SAMNET The UK Sub-Auroral Magnetometer Network

> SuperDARN at NIPR, Japan

> SPDF Space Physics Data Facility

> Space Physics University of Alberta, Canada

> Space Physics Group, Uppsala, Sweden

> Space Physics Models

> STELAB (Japan) and the 210 Deg Meridian Magnetometer Array.

> SuperDARN, Auroral HF Radar Network Homepage at JHU/APL.

> SuperMag, Ground Magnetometer data at JHU/APL.

> UCLA Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics

Spacecraft links

> ACE ACE Solar Wind Data from CalTech

> ACE, WIND, IMP, GeoTail data from OMNIWeb

> Auroral Particles and Imagery P. Newell page at JHU/APL

> CDAWeb Coordinated Data Analysis Web (Spacecraft Missions Data)

> Cluster Science Centre (Queen Mary University of London)

> DMSP Data

> Equator-S

> FAST Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer

> Geotail


> IMAGE Satellite Software Center

> IMAGE EUV Online Catalog

> IMP 8 Particle Data from MIT

> IMP 8 Magnetic Field Data from NSSDC/NASA

> POLAR Satellite

> Spacecraft Locator

> Spacecraft Orbit and Key Parameters

> WIND Magnetic Field Investigation