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CSoV collaborator, A / Prof Jonathan Davies discusses insults in Renaissance Italy

Professor Philip Dwyer talks about the Cambridge World History of Violence

Dr Kate Ariotti discusses her research on Australian POWs in the First World War

Dr Kit Candlin talks about his work on Refugees and Violence in the Age of the Atlantic Revolutions

Dr Shigeru Sato talks about his research on Japanese Imperialism and the People of Southeast Asia

Visiting scholar Professor John Horne answers the question: what is violence?

Flogging in the British Empire with Amanda Nettelbeck

What is Violence with Joanna Bourke

Defining Rape with Joanna Bourke

Rape in Wartime with Joanna Bourke

Interview with Professor Lyndall Ryan

Frontier Massacres in the Australian Colonies with Professor Lyndall Ryan

Violence and the History of Human Rights