The University of Newcastle, Australia

Coastal and Marine Science Group

The Coastal and Marine Science Research Group undertakes research to support the sustainable use and conservation of the living resources and environments of coasts, catchments and marine environments. Our research incorporates not only the physical and biological processes that occur in these ecosystems but also their related social values and management strategies with a particular emphasis on sustainable use, conservation and protection of our natural resources.


The group has established partnerships for research and consultancies with state, national and international agencies and community environmental organisations.

External funding has been received from local councils, federal and state government departments and numerous environmental committees.

Group members

Associate Professor Bill Leggat
Associate Professor Salim Momtaz
Associate Professor Anthony Kiem
Associate Professor Matt Hayward

Dr Troy Gaston
Dr Richard Yu
Dr Danielle Verdon-Kidd
Dr Hannah Power

Dr Maria Schreider
Dr Anita Chalmers
Dr Megan Huggett
Dr Craig Evans