The University of Newcastle, Australia

The Coastal and Marine Science (CaMS) Research Group is a cross-disciplinary team dedicated to improving the health and sustainability of our coastal and marine environments and the societies that depend upon them. The research spans across urban catchment environments, coastal waterways and lakes to the ocean; extending geographically from tropical to temperate locales.

The CaMS Research Group is dedicated to:

  • Delivering world-class research for end-users and communities
  • Utilising cutting edge technology and approaches to better understand our coastal and marine ecosystems
  • Collaborating with world-leading national and international researchers and institutions to solve critical challenges facing our coastal and marine environments and societies
  • Engaging with communities and interest groups, and effectively communicating research through outreach programs.

Adding breadth to the University’s coastal and marine science activity is the work of the Conservation Biology Research Group, focused on identifying ways our society can coexist with biodiversity. The Group is active in threatened species conservation ecology, restoration, translocation, wildlife disease, reproduction technology, including investigation into threatening processes on a diverse range of species such as the green-and-golden bell-frogs, common mynas, goannas, koalas, lions and elephants. Here researchers work in a variety of habitats, from terrestrial, freshwater, and coastal ecosystems in locations across the globe.