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2012 Food Industry Forum

The 3rd Annual Food Industry Forum for Nutrition Research Healthy Food for a Healthier Australia was held on Monday 3 September 2012 at the Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport. The Forum was co-hosted by the University of Newcastle's Clinical Nutrition Research Centre, UniSA's Nutritional Physiology Research Centre and CSIRO's Animal, Food and Health Sciences, supported by Newcastle Innovation.

The Forum was officially opened by Dr Geoffrey Annison, Deputy Chief Executive of the Australian Food and Grocery Council, and featured three sessions: Food for the Heart, Food for the Mind, and Nutrition Policy - Where Government, Science and Industry Intersects. For the first time the Forum also featured a Debate. A lively exchange centred on the statement "Nutrition research is contributing to a healthier Australia" and was chaired by Professor Caroline McMillen, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Newcastle.

Major sponsors of the Forum were the Australian Food and Grocery Council and Nestle Australia.

Supporting sponsors were Simplot Australia, Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council, Unilever Australia, Mannatech Australasia, the Nutrition Society of Australia, Kellogg's, Meat & Lifestock Australia and Sanitarium.