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Centre for Intelligent Electricity Networks


With the development of smart grid across the world in many nations, the focus of research has gradually been shifting towards a future intelligent grid in order to effectively achieve the emission reduction objectives and best utilise renewable energies. Current work on smart grid is mainly on setting up the smart infrastructures to facilitating digital information flow within the smart grid network which includes cyber network and physical power network. However, in view of wider system connectivity and investment efficiency, system wide development towards a future intelligent grid is becoming increasingly important and has been recognised in many nations. A future grid may include the electricity network (together with its cyber network for control and communication) as well as the primary energy network for gas, water and other primary energy resources.

CIEN's research and capabilities focus on data and reliability analysis, voltage control, intermittent renewable energy grid connectivity, remote monitoring and control, virtual power plants, electrical vehicles and other smart grid technologies. We are committed to providing research expertise in intelligent network design and smart grid application.

Our current research is focussed on the following:

  • Smart Grid / Power System Security
  • Smart Grid / Power System Planning and Stability
  • Smart Grid Monitoring and Self-Healing
  • Renewable and Distributed Energy Integration

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