Centre for
Centre for Intelligent Electricity Networks


Selected projects

  1. Ausgrid ERM Battery study: With Ausgrid on designingcontrol algorithms. The final results and reports will be part of the Federal Government's Smart Grid, Smart City project report;
  2. Ausgrid STATCOM and load modelling project: With Ausgridto study their power quality (PQ) data recording with the new smart meter system, to develop corresponding load models; then the load models and the feeder system will be studied further to design the best location and control of STATCOM to improve peak demand reduction and improve power quality, especially voltage stability.
  3. CSIRO Flagship:  Thisis a strategic national research project looking into solutions for future grids beyond smart grid development. The Centre is developing algorithms and models to facilitate co-optimisation and planning of future gas and electricity network in Australia aiming at achieving the optimal investment efficiency in the future energy network expansion planning