Priority Research Centre for

Reducing psychosocial impacts on people affected by chronic disease

Competitive Funding

Blood cancer survivors and support persons: A national psychosocial survey. Cancer Australia and Beyond Blue
Contact: Dr Chris Paul, Dr Mariko Carey

Can the needs of caregivers of patients with advanced cancer be met using a GP Caregiver Needs Toolkit? Developing and evaluating the effectiveness of a General Practitioner Caregiver Needs Toolkit to facilitate the needs of caregivers being identified and met in a general practice setting. National Health and Medical Research Council; General Practice Clinical Research Program Priority Driven Research Grants.
Prof Afaf Girgis, A/Prof David Sibbritt

Exercise and breast cancer survivorship: A national collaboration. National Breast Cancer Foundation. 2008
Contact: Prof Afaf Girgis

Improving the psychosocial health of people with cancer and their carers: A community based approach. Beyond Blue/ Cancer Australia. 2009-2012
Contact: Prof Afaf Girgis

Psychological morbidity, unmet needs, quality of life and patterns of care in migrant cancer patients: The first year. Beyond Blue/ Cancer Australia.
Contact: Prof Afaf Girgis

A population-based longitudinal survey of cancer survivors' psychosocial wellbeing and lifestyle behaviours. A population based cohort of cancer survivors recruited from the NSW and Victorian cancer registries. NHMRC, Hunter Medical Research Institute, Honda Foundation. 2005
Contact: Prof Afaf Girgis, Ms. Allison Boyes

Acceptability of the HeartMoves exercise program for cancer survivors. Study exploring the acceptability of HeartMoves a community based exercise program suitable for people with chronic disease marketed specifically to people who have experienced a coronary event for cancer survivors. National Heart Foundation.
Contact: Dr Erica James

A web-based intervention to reduce distress and improve quality of life among younger women with breast cancer: A RCT. Co-funded by Beyond Blue, National Breast Cancer Foundation and Cancer Australia
Contact: Dr Mariko Carey

Other Studies

Preferences for lifestyle programs of Australian cancer survivors. Study Interviewing breast, colorectal and prostate cancer survivors about their preferences for the timing and delivery of diet and exercise programs. University of Newcastle.
Contact: Dr Erica James

Use of dietary supplements by cancer survivors. Qualitative study exploring the use of dietary supplements (DS) by cancer survivors and the communication between survivors and health professionals regarding DS use. University of Newcastle.
Contact: Dr Erica James

Comparison of Activity Coaching for Health (COACH).
A pilot study to assess the feasibility of recruitment of patients from general practice and referral to an exercise specialist for exercise promotion. University of Newcastle.
Contact: Dr Erica James