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Doubtful Readers bookDr Erin McCarthy

McCarthy EA, Doubtful Readers: Print, Poetry, and the Reading Public in Early Modern England, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 272 (2020) [A1]

Music and world building book coverDr Helen English

English H, Music and World-Building in the Colonial City: Newcastle, NSW, and its Townships, 1860-1880, Routledge, Abingdon (2019)

Companion to crime fiction book coverAssociate Professor Jesper Gulddal

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Emeritus Professor Hugh Craig

Eleanor Hogan, Alexis Antonia, Hugh CraigMore than an Amanuensis: Ernestine Hill’s Contribution to The Passing of the AboriginesJournal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature

Professor Victoria Haskins

Julia Martínez, Claire Lowrie, Frances Steel, Victoria Haskins, Colonialism and Male Domestic Service across the Asia Pacific, Bloomsbury, (2018)

Professor Marguerite Johnson

Johnson M, Antipodean Antiquities: Classical Reception Down Under, Bloomsbury, (2019)

Associate Professor Jesper Guddal

Criminal Moves. Modes of Mobility in Detective Fiction, Liverpool University Press, Liverpool (2019)

Dr Kate Ariotti

Ariotti K, Captive Anzacs Australian Prisoners of War of the Ottomans during the First World War, Cambridge University Press, 240 (2018)

Dr Julie McIntyre

McIntyre J, Germov J, Hunter Wine A History, NewSouth, Sydney, (2018)

Professor Lyndall Ryan

Nettelbeck A, Ryan L, 'Salutary Lessons: Native Police and the 'Civilising' Role of Legalised Violence in Colonial Australia', Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 46 47-68 (2018)

Professor Ros Smith

Smith RL, 'Prosopopoeia, gender and religion: the poetry of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots [Forthcoming]', The Routledge Companion to Women, Sex and Gender in Early Modern Anglophone Literature, Routledge, London 170-188 (2019) [B1]

Associate Professor Bill Palmer

Palmer WD, Gaby A, Lum J, Schlossberg J, 'Diversity in Spatial Language Within Communities: The Interplay of Culture, Language and Landscape in Representations of Space.',, (2018) [C1]

Dr Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen

Roberts-Pedersen E, 'Introduction: Trauma and its Histories in Australia', HEALTH AND HISTORY, 20 1-9 (2018) [C1]

Dr Chris Krough

Krogh C, 'Competition versus relationship: Youth services seen from new public management or ecological perspectives', Journal of Applied Youth Studies, 2 70-82 (2018) [C1]

Dr Gillian Arrighi

Arrighi G, 'Celebrating Childhood on the Vaudeville Stage', Performing the Progressive Era, The University of Iowa Press, Iowa, USA 159-178 (2019)

Dr Helen English

English H, Music and World-Building in the Colonial City: Newcastle, NSW, and its Townships, 1860-1880, Routledge, Abingdon (2019)

Dr Julia Coffey

Coffey J, Kanai A, 'Gender and Sexualities', Public Sociology: An introduction to Australian society, Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest 265-265 (2019) [B1]