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Professor Victoria Haskins

Professor Victoria Haskins (Director)

Professor Haskins' key research interests are in gender, labour and cross-cultural relationships. She has published widely in the area of Indigenous domestic service histories and colonization, and utilizes comparative and transnational approaches to history.

Marguerite Johnson

Professor Marguerite Johnson (Deputy Director)

Professor Johnson is an ancient history and classical languages researcher who preserves and shares the great works and ongoing legacies of the ancients. One of her projects researches the influence of antiquity on Australia's colonial period.

Dr Hedda Askland (Deputy Director)

Dr Askland is an anthropologist currently conducting an ethnographic study in the Upper Hunter and Mid-Western regions, in which she explores people’s connection to place, their lived experiences of environmental and social change in the context of development.

Professor Hugh Craig

Professor Hugh Craig

Professor Craig's research interests are in Renaissance literature and, broadly speaking, the application of computer science to the humanities, especially via the analysis of large language samples.

Associate Professor Ros Smith

Professor Ros Smith

Professor Smith examines the contribution of female writers to the culture of the early modern era. Her focus is on Renaissance literature, specialising in women's poetry, and the relationships between genre, politics and history in the period.

Professor Philip Dwyer

Professor Philip Dwyer

Professor Dwyer is an acclaimed biographer of Napoleon. His work on violence emanating from this research includes the experience of war, the massacre in history, and memory and has made a significant contribution to the field.

Professor Lyndall Ryan

Professor Lyndall Ryan

Professor Ryan is a distinguished scholar with expertise in Aboriginal, Australian and Feminist history. She has a particular interest in documenting violence in colonial frontiers.

Dr Patricia Pender

A / Professor Trisha Pender

Associate Professor Pender has active research interests in early modern literature, feminist literary history and theory, and contemporary popular culture.

Associate Professor Mark Harvey

A / Professor Mark Harvey

Professor Harvey is a linguist who works employs descriptive, theoretical and anthropological methods and focusses on endangered languages.

A / Professor Jesper Gulddal

Associate Professor Gulddal is Head of English at the University of Newcastle and is researching movement control including passports, borders and immigration law from the point of view of literary history.

Dr Bill Palmer

Dr Bill Palmer

Dr Palmer is a specialist in Oceanic languages, who investigates the significance of dying languages on multiple levels.

Dr Julie McIntyre

Dr McIntyre is a historian who's research on agriculture and environments focuses on how the growing, making, selling, drinking and export of Australian grape wine is a window to human desire, changing identities and landscapes.

Dr Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen

Dr Roberts-Pedersen's research focus is on a project funded by a 2016 Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, that delves into the historical documentation of patients such as combatants, POWs, survivors of the holocaust and children separated from their parents during World War Two to uncover the conflict’s effect on modern day psychiatry.

Dr Chris Krogh

Dr Krogh is a social scientist whose current focus is the Gosford CBD project through which he contributes discipline-specific and analytic thinking about the processes of revitalising, reimagining and remaking Gosford CBD.

Dr Gillian Arrighi

Dr Arrighi is a researcher in the fields of Circus Studies, Childhood Studies, and Performance Pedagogy. She is behind a study that investigates the benefits of recreational circus training, with her current focus on the contribution of professional child actors to global theatrical circuits.

Helen English

Dr Helen English

Dr English is a musician who's overarching research focus is on Music and World-Building. Her interests are in music practices in the 19th century, music communities today, Australian music, social justice and equity, and music education.

Dr Kate Ariotti

Dr Ariotti is a historian who specialises in studying the Australian prisoners of war of the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.


Dr Bill Pascoe

eResearch Consultant