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Centre for 21st Century Humanities


The Centre for 21st Century Humanities brings together research groups and individual researchers at the University of Newcastle with the aim of promoting imaginati`ve, inventive and rigorous work in the humanities. We focus especially on research that crosses disciplines, engages with the community and with industry, and uses digital tools and resources.

We aim to harness the traditional strengths of the humanities in understanding and preserving culture, along with the humanities’ potential for discovery and innovation, to contribute to Australian national life and to positive world futures.

Newcastle Herald Opinion: Will a robot become our next great writer?

Creative Ageing

Newcastle Herald: Hunter researchers are looking at whether arts activities like music and dance can help keep the brain healthy to delay or prevent onset of dementia

Massacres Map

The Guardian: The Killing Times: the massacres of Aboriginal people Australia must confront

ABC: New map records massacres of Aboriginal people in Frontier Wars

SBS: New map starts to reveal true extent of massacres of Indigenous Australians by Europeans

The Herald: Mapping Aboriginal massacres makes it time to recognise the colonial wars, say leading historians

Smithsonian: map charts massacres of Indigneous Australians

The New Yorker: The mapping of massacres

Shepparton News: Aboriginal massacres sites extend further across Australia

Theatre and performance

Triple threats and other clever children who took to the stage

Entertaining Australians - the history of live performance

Virtual reality project bringing lost theatres back to life

ABC Overnights: Entertaining Australians: the history of live performance

Anthropology and displacement of communities

Newcastle Herald: Opinion - Place matters: Rocky Hill and social impact

Newcastle Herald: Opinion - Wollar residents 'invisibily displaced'

Newcastle Herald: Opinion - Communities lost in mining's shadow

Newcastle Herald: What price can be placed on Wollar's future

The Conversation: Protestors fight 'invisible displacment' by mine

Singleton Argus: Singletons villages bear the brunt of Hunter mining expansions

Singleton Argus: Bulga paying a high price for prosperity

Indigenous Languages

BBC: Australian Indigenous languages have one source, study says

ABC: Indigenous languages come from just one common ancestor

SBS: Study claims all Indigenous languages came from one ancestor

Australian Geographic: Australian Indigenous languages descended from one common ancestor

Japan Times: Australian Indigenous languages have common source

Endangered Languages

Times Higher Education: Interview with Assoc Prof Bill Palmer

ABC: Languages at risk of extinction

History of Violence

Newcastle Herald: World War II psychiatry examined in University of Newcastle study

Computational Stylistics

Sydney Morning Herald: Australian data sleuths link Shakespeare to anonymous 16th Century play

The Conversation: Ignore the doubters: here's why Christopher Marlowe co-wrote Shakespeare's Henry VI

Contemporary Feminism

International Business Times: Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20th anniversary: How she kicked off kick-ass feminism

The Atlantic: Buffy Summers: third-wave Feminist icon

Spectator UK: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: a role model for the modern Feminist

Early Modern Women's Writing

The Conversation: Mary, Queen of Scots was a poet - and you should know it


ABC Radio National: God forbid - saints, souls and spooks

ABC Radio: Getting someone to love you: the ancient history of erotic magic

ABC Radio: It's a human story on God forbid - Podcast

ABC Radio: Women and power - Podcast

The Conversation: why grown-ups still need fairytales

The Conversation: Mary Beard and the long tradition of women being told to shut up

The Conversation: Guide to the classics: Sappho, a poet in fragments

Newcastle Herald: What graves say about our attitude to death

Newcastle Herald: Making traces of life

Vines, Wines and Identity Project

Australian Financial Review: 'Hunter Wine: A History' chronicles rich story of Australia's oldest wine region

Newcastle Herald: Breaking Bread: Julie McIntyre, wine historian and author

The Star: Exhibition and book launch share history of six generations of wine producers in the Hunter

My Year As A Fairytale - Humanities Startup

The Maitland Mercury: The Maitland woman spending a year as Marie Antoinette

Newcastle Star: Fairytale comes to life

Blacksmiths Repair Day - Humanities Startup

Newcastle Herald: Ancient art with a modern purpose

Singleton Argus: Blacksmith Day to foster a culture of reuse