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Centre for 21st Century Humanities


The Centre for 21st Century Humanities brings together research groups and individual researchers at the University of Newcastle with the aim of promoting imaginative, inventive and rigorous work in the humanities. We focus especially on research that crosses disciplines, engages with the community and with industry, and uses digital tools and resources.

We aim to harness the traditional strengths of the humanities in understanding and preserving culture, along with the humanities’ potential for discovery and innovation, to contribute to Australian national life and to positive world futures.

Massacres Map

ABC: New map records massacres of Aboriginal people in Frontier Wars

SBS: New map starts to reveal true extent of massacres of Indigenous Australians by Europeans

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Indigenous Languages

BBC: Australian Indigenous languages have one source, study says

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Computational Stylistics

Sydney Morning Herald: Australian data sleuths link Shakespeare to anonymous 16th Century play

The Conversation: Ignore the doubters: here's why Christopher Marlowe co-wrote Shakespeare's Henry VI

Contemporary Feminism

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Early Modern Women's Writing

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My Year As A Fairytale - Humanities Startup

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Blacksmiths Repair Day - Humanities Startup

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