Equity and Digital Footprint Project

This project will build an evidence base for the development of resources and strategies to help undergraduate students manage and curate their digital footprints. Digital footprint management is important for ensuring that all students succeed in career development and a lack of skill in digital footprint management can have serious social and professional consequences for students.

Research suggests that students who come to university from higher SES backgrounds have more ICT skills and knowledge than students who come from low SES backgrounds. This project will focus on gaining a greater understanding on what undergraduate students from low SES and non-traditional backgrounds know and do in relation to their digital footprints and to develop evidence based engaging strategies for the digital footprint management for all students regardless of family background.

The Equity and Digital Footprint was awarded a $107,287 HEPP National Priority Pool grant and is led by Dr Rachel Buchanan, Dr Jill Scevak, Dr Shamus Smith and Dr Erica Southgate.