Building STEM students’ numeracy for success in higher education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) university students traditionally find mathematics to be a roadblock to success in their degrees, and data worldwide suggests that this is much more prevalent amongst students from low SES backgrounds.

This project has received HEPP National Priority Pool grant of $187,186 to create, evaluate and disseminate set of a research informed sequence of innovative videos designed to tackle specific areas of knowledge and skills as well as common misunderstandings, to help STEM university students from low SES backgrounds succeed in mathematics. This is a multi-disciplinary initiative, drawing on the experiences and expertise of teaching academics in Engineering, Education, Mathematics and Science who recognise the challenges faced by students from low SES backgrounds and the possibilities for improving their experiences to help them succeed through mathematics. 

The project leader is Dr Elena Prieto-Rodriguez and the team of researchers include Lilijana Brankovic, Rachel Buchanan, Kathryn Holmes, Peter Howley, Bill McBride, Erica Southgate and Judy-Anne Osborn.