A Longitudinal Study of the Relations between Students’ Socioeconomic Status, Social Integration at University, and Mental Health

It is predicted that one of the reasons that low SES students suffer from poor mental health during their time at university is that they are less well integrated into university social life. The aim of the project is to provide a firm evidence base for drawing conclusions between students' SES, social integration, and mental health and satisfaction at university. Building on already published research by Project Leader, Dr Mark Rubin, the project will use a longitudinal research design across 2015 and will include an institution-wide survey that samples students from a diverse range of degree programs and that measures a broad range of mental health issues.

The research results will inform policies and approaches that promote the social inclusion of two key minority groups: low SES students and students with mental health problems. The research will also inform policies and approaches that reduce mental health problems among university students, increase their satisfaction and university, and reduce their attrition rates. 

The research project was successful in attaining $67,327 in funding through the 2014 HEPP National Priority Pool grants and will be led by Dr Mark Rubin and co-investigator Associate Professor Ross Wilkinson.