Centre of Excellence for

Global Innovation

The Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education is a unique model of collaboration. As a Research Centre of Excellence, CEEHE has established an international reputation for its social justice and praxis-based framework and its embedded and innovative approach to equity and widening participation practices.

The Centre for Excellence for Equity in Higher Education is the international leader in bringing together practitioners and academics and innovatively driving policy and practice. (University of Exeter)

Professor Penny Jane Burke leads CEEHE as the Global Innovation Chair for Equity. She brings extensive expertise in research and institutional leadership to the University of Newcastle and the Australian equity in higher education sector. CEEHE is engaged in projects and networks that draw together international scholarship in the field, including the International Network for Gender, Social Justice and Praxis and a 2019 International Literature Review project funded under the Federal Government's National Priority Pool scheme.

Professor Penny Jane Burke New Professors Talk 2015