Widening Participation

The University of Newcastle (UON) stands as a global leader distinguished by a commitment to equity and excellence and to creating a better future for its regions.

The Centre of Excellence for Equity in Higher Education (CEEHE) was established at UON to provide global leadership in the field of equity in higher education through pioneering research and practice.

By taking a facilitative and inter-disciplinary approach, we aim to challenge persistent inequalities in higher education and provide co-developed projects that increase access to and success in education and lifelong learning.

The widening participation programs offered by CEEHE support students and community members from diverse backgrounds to enter and excel in education.

We are committed to working with communities to develop opportunities that showcase the importance of lifelong learning and introduce students and families to a range of possible futures.

A guiding principle of CEEHE is that access to and participation in higher education of the highest quality is one of the most powerful ways for a nation to ensure social equity, cultural cohesion and respect for difference, economic stability and democratic participation.