Organisational Behaviour in Healthcare

This project investigates collaboration and teamwork within organizations – we have a strong focus on healthcare organisations.

Our Collaborators

Healthcare represents a dynamic industry, with the sometimes conflicting interests of different medical professionals coming together in a high-pressure environment. With a team of researchers from Hunter New England Health, the Institute of Leadership, Royal College of Surgeons and Hong Kong Polytechnic University we are undertaking internationally comparative research to investigate collaboration in this environment. Our current research focuses on collaboration between professions, or interprofessional collaboration. This research recognises that there are professional barriers and demarcation lines that can create barriers to collaboration involving different medical, nursing and allied health professionals. One of the unexpected findings of our OCRG research is that a little bit of tension or disagreement within a group can actually bring about more innovative and higher quality outcomes – as long as the group leader has been able to successfully convey the importance of the team's goal.

We also undertake research in the area of collaboration and teamwork in a range of different industries. Some of our work in this area looks at citizenship and counterproductive work behaviours, leadership development, leading innovation as well as women in leadership.

Our recent work in interprofessional collaboration won the prestigious British Academy of Management Best Paper award in Organisational Psychology (2013).

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