Collaboration in multinational corporations

This project investigates collaboration in multinational subsidiaries and domestic firms in China.

In particular, this project examines the collaborative dynamics between multinational company subsidiaries and their foreign parents, as well as subsidiary collaboration with domestic Chinese firms. Much of our current work focuses on top management teams (TMTs), particularly subsidiary TMTs.

The project brings together researchers from the universities of Newcastle and NSW and China's Nanjing Business School and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. China is the most dynamic economy in the world and a fascinating example of an economy in transition so there is no better place to study changing practices within multinational companies. Multinational companies, as international entities, are unique in that they behave very differently to other organisations.

Our research aims to produce new insight into the workings of multinational companies that will inform government policy makers, economists and the business community.

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Our recent work in this area won the internationally competitive Irish Academy of Management overall Best Paper award and Best Paper in International Business: Top Management Team Effects on Subsidiary Performance

We also won the Best Paper in Strategy at the British Academy of Management in 2014: Top Management Team Dynamics as a Microfoundation ofAdaptive Capability?

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