Priority Research Centre for


Through innovative materials research, the Centre is focused on the development of next generation smart materials and high value products that will deliver greater economic and environmental benefits. Delivering on these research goals, the Centre has demonstrated research capabilities in:

Soft Matter Materials

  • Particle and nanoparticle suspensions
  • Emulsions and microemulsions
  • Liquid crystals
  • Composition analysis of surfaces and interfaces
  • Stimulus responsive surfaces

Industrial Solvents

  • New solvents for extraction of metals from ore
  • New solvents for biomass/coal conversion
  • New solvents for gas sequestration
  • Surfactants, polymers and nanocomposites
  • Wetting/de-wetting agents

Energy Technology

  • Novel solar cells
  • Electrolytes for charge storage and deposition
  • Nanofluids for heat transfer
  • Lubricants and tribology

Cleaning Products and Detergency

  • Antibacterial consumer products
  • Solvents for protein and enzyme stabilisation
  • Microscale controlled release delivery devices