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Professor Rob Atkin

Novel Liquids and Interfaces

Professor Rob Atkin is interested in concentrated aqueous and non-aqueous solvents (including ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents) for real world applications such as lubrication, biomass treatment, precious metal recovery, and electrochemical charge storage.

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Principal Researchers

Professor John O'Connor

Structure and Composition of Surfaces

Professor John O’Conner’s research looks at the scattering of ions to measure the structure and composition of surface and near surface of solids.

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Associate Professor Grant Webber

Advanced Interfacial Engineering

Associate Professor Grant Webber’s research investigates the interactions between interfaces and fluids to control their properties and behaviour. Current projects with the centre include the control of nanoscale friction for next-generation electromechanical devices and the design of novel solvents for the extraction of minerals and biomass.

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Associate Professor Vicki Keast

Nanoscience and Interfaces

Associate Professor Vicki Keast uses advanced electron microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to characterise nanoscale structures and interfaces.

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Dr Alister Page

Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Modelling

Dr Alister Page studies nanoscale and interfacial chemical systems using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics and quantum chemical methods, including nanoscale self-assembly processes, non-equilibrium chemical systems, functional nanomaterials, spectroscopy and bulk and interfacial ionic liquid structure and properties.

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Dr Hua Li

Lubrication and Gas Capture

Dr Hua Li’s research interests centre on developing advanced industrial liquids to be high-performance and cost-effective lubricants and anthropogenic gas adsorbents.

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Professor Bruce King

Solid Surfaces

Professor Bruce King studies the structure of surfaces with atomic resolution and relates this to physical properties. He modifies the structure of surfaces to improve performance using ion beam etching and implantation, laser etching, thin film deposition and radiofrequency irradiation.

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