Technical Reports

ISIF Asia Funded Project

1. Varadharajan, Tupakula, Karmakar; Study of Security Attacks against IoT Infrastructures; TR1-ISIF-ASIA, ACSRC, The University of Newcastle, May 2018, 36pp

2. Varadharajan, Tupakula, Karmakar; Lightweight Authentication Mechanism and OAuth Protocol for IoT Devices; TR2-ISIF-ASIA, ACSRC, The University of Newcastle, Oct 2018, 29pp

3. Varadharajan, Tupakula, Karmakar; Security Architecture for IoT; TR3-ISIF-ASIA, ACSRC, The University of Newcastle, April 2019, 41pp

4. Varadharajan, Tupakula, Karmakar, Software Defined Networks Based Security Architecture for IoT Infrastructures, FINAL_REPORT-ISIF-ASIA. 30 May 2019, 8pp

5. H. K. Jnanamurthy and V.Varadharajan, Formal Modelling and Analysis of Software Defined Networks, ACSRC Technical Report, July 2019, 13 pp