Advanced Cyber Security Engineering Research Centre


  Professor Vijay Varadharajan
 Senior Executive Assistant
A/Prof Hongyu Zhang

The University of Newcastle
Software Design, Machine Learning

A/Prof Lawrence Ong

The University of Newcastle
Information Theory, Secure Communications

A/Prof Suhuai Luo

The University of Newcastle
Machine Learning, Medical Applications

A/Prof Michael Hitchens

Macquarie University
Distributed Systems Security, IoT Security

Dr Udaya Tupakula

The University of Newcastle
Network Security, Cloud Security, SDN Security

Dr Nan Li

The University of Newcastle
RFID Security, IoT Trust

Dr Behzad Asadi

The University of Newcastle
Deep Learning, Adversarial Machine Learning, Information Theory

Prof Ljiljana Brankovic

The University of Newcastle
Data Privacy, Privacy Enhanced Technologies

Dr Rukshan Athauda

The University of Newcastle
Distributed Infrastructures

Dr Kallol Krishna Karmakar

The University of Newcastle
SDN Security, IoT Security

Prof Zhiyong Chen

The University of Newcastle
Secure Control Systems

Dr Chun Ruan

Western Sydney University
Formal Security Policy Models

Dr Nazatul Haque Sultan

University of Newcastle
Cloud Security, Proxy Encryption

Keith Besgrove

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

John Warren

Honorary Senior Research Fellow


Dr Lan Zhou

Amazon, Seattle USA

Dr Steffen Schultz

Intel Research Lab, Germany

Dr Sarath Indrakanti

KPMG, Canberra

Dr Aarthi Krishna Nagarajan

British Telecom, Sweden

Dr Byungho Min

Korean Information Security Agency

Mr Gaurav VarshneyPhD
Domain Name Security, Policy Security
Ms Ladan SadeghikhorramiPhD
Security in Control Systems 
Dr Egan Meek

PwC Australia

Dr Sudesh Krishnamoorthy

IBM Singapore

Dr Wouter Veugelen

PwC Sydney

Raj Kulshrestha

CTO, Boodle Start-up

Dr Yuecel Karabulut

Oracle USA

Dr Paul England

Microsoft Corporation, USA

Prof. Chris Mitchell

London University, UK

Prof. Andrew Martin

Oxford University, UK

Dr Sheikh Habib

CASED, Technical University Darmstadt

Prof. K. Gopinath

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Dr Keshav Sood

Deakin University 

Dr John Selby

Macquarie University Law School

Dr Fuchun Guo

University of Wollongong

Mr Fan Jin

Cognitive Networks Security 

Mr Mahmood Yousefiazar

Machine Learning, Malware Detection 

Mr Shu Cheng

RFID Security, Supply Chain Security 

Shantanu PalPhD
IoT Security
Mr Udaya WijesingheMPhil Research

Dr Sepehr Damavandinejadmonfred

Graduated 2017

Dr Dilshan Jayarathna

Graduated 2017

Dr Byungho Min

Graduated October 2016

Dr Lan Zhou

Graduated September 2014

Dr Steffen Schultz

Graduated May 2014

Mr Usama Salama

Graduated 2012 (IBM Sydney)

Dr Ukachukwu Ndukwu

Graduated 2012

Dr Lei Li

Graduated 2011

Dr Junqi Zhang

Graduated 2011 (Australian Govt, Canberra)

Dr Sarath Indrakanti

Graduated 2010

Dr Venkat Balakrishnan

Graduated 2010 (Ernst Young, Australia)

Dr Aarthi Nagarajan

Graduated 2010

Dr Ching Lin

Graduated 2008 (Alcatel Australia)

Dr Udaya Kiran Tupakula

Graduated 2006

Dr Chun Ruan

Graduated 2006

Aungkoon Khumkomgool

Graduated 2003

Dr Yun Bai

Graduated 1999 (A/Prof Western Sydney University)

Dr Kenny Nguyen

Graduated 1999 (Vice President, Bank of Vietnam)