ACSRC is a member of the NSW Cyber Security Network (NSWCSN)

The NSWCSN facilitates collaboration between universities specialising in cyber-related research, promotes their capabilities, and supports their connection with industry. NSWCSN is also responsible for developing a workforce of cyber professionals to protect business and government against cyber attacks. ACSRC is currently collaborating with other member universities on three significant research projects. Among other topics these are investigating security in smart electricity grids and in 5G/IoT network infrastructures.

DST (Defence Science and Technology) Group

In recent years ACSRC has collaborated with DST on several successful projects and been the recipient of a prestigious Competitive Evaluation Research Agreement (CERA) Program grant. We have a strong working relationship with a range of experts in DST’s research division, and one of our current PhD students was awarded the esteemed DST Scholarship. We have recently established a new partnership with DST aimed at protecting communication networks against attacks in the SDN data plane.

NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node

The NSWCSN is also the coordinating body for the NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node, a partnership between the NSW Government and AustCyber (Australian Cyber Security Growth Network). The network is funded by the New South Wales Government through the Department of Industry’s Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer. ACSRC is a member of the NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node.

NSW Defence Innovation Network

The University of Newcastle is a member of the NSW Defence Innovation Network (DIN), an association of seven leading universities in NSW. The purpose of the DIN is to bring together NSW industry, universities, State Government and DST Group to address Australia’s defence needs. The DIN also supports NSW business innovation in the global defence market by harnessing world-class research capabilities available within NSW universities. Cyber security is one of the capabilities promoted by the DIN and ACSRC is proud to afford this capability on DIN, industry and government partnerships.


The Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF Asia) is a grants and awards program empowering communities in the Asia Pacific region to research, design and implement Internet-based solutions for their own needs. In 2017 ACSRC was proud to be awarded an ISIF Asia grant to investigate Software Defined Networks based Security Architecture for IoT Infrastructures. This project has supported a range of capacity building initiatives in education and healthcare by providing secure access and connectivity.

Banlaw Unified Fuel Management

Banlaw is a significant entity in the Australian mining industry, managing the delivery of over a billion litres of diesel per month to sites in the NSW Hunter and WA regions. ACSRC was recently invited to partner with Banlaw to enhance the security of their fuel management systems. We successfully developed a robust communication protocol design aimed at securing Banlaw’s operations against potentially crippling cyber attacks.

Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace

In November 2018, UNESCO President Emmanuel Macron launched the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace. This high-level declaration supporting the development of common principles for securing cyberspace has already received the backing of 547 official supporters: 65 States, 138 international and civil society organizations, and 344 entities of the private sector. ACSRC fully supports the Paris Call.