Recent Cyber Threat Reports

The Advanced Cyber Security Engineering Research Centre regularly updates this overview of threats to various sectors:

Recent Threat Reports Pertinent to All Sectors

Defence Security

2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report (March 2018, the CyberEdge Group)

Senior Defence figure raises concerns about future cyber attacks (Feb 2019, ABC News)

Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents (Australian Cyber Security Centre)

Australian citizens are unwitting 'combatants' in cyberspace, Defence boss says (Feb 2019, ABC News)

Healthcare Security

Cybersecurity Across the Australian Healthcare Sector (June 2018, Health Informatics Society of Australia)

Confronting One of Healthcare's Biggest Challenges: Cyber Risk (Feb 2019, Forbes Magazine)

Health Sector Tops Latest OAIC Breach Report, Yet Again (Feb 2019, Healthcare IT News)

Financial Sector Security

Is there an answer to the onslaught of cyber attacks faced by financial services firms (Feb 2019, Information Age)

Cyber Security Self-Assessment Guidance (2013, Canadian Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions)

Cyber Resilience for Financial Services Entities (May 2015, K&LGates Hub)

Government Security

Australia Political Parties Hit by Cyber Attack (Feb 2019, Australian Financial Times)

Cyber Security Updates for Government Departments (Feb 2019, The Australian)

Farewell Tech Utopia: How governments are readying the web for war (Feb 2019, Sydney Morning Herald)

Cyber Attacks on Elections called "Imminent National Security Threat" (Feb 2019, The Crime Report)

NSW Agencies told to bare IT 'crown jewels' under new cyber policy (Feb 2019, ITNews)

Education Industry Security

Education industry not making the grade for cybersecurity (Jan 2019, IT ProPortal)

Education sector most attacked in Australia  (May 2018, Technology Decisions)

Invitation: Launch of the Schools Cyber Security Challenges (Feb 2019, Mirage News)

Email Security

Malicious Email Mitigation Strategies (Australian Cyber Security Centre)

Email-based cyber attacks gathering momentum (Jun 2018, Computer Weekly)

Healthcare comes under sustained email fraud attack (Feb 2019, iTWire)

Cloud Security

Secure Cloud Strategy (2017, Australia Government Digital Transformation Agency)

DHS adopting secure cloud requirements (Feb 2019, Technology Decisions)

Op Ed: Why It's Unsafe to Store Private Crypto Keys in the Cloud (Feb 2019, Bitcoin Magazine)

Protecting Infrastructure against Cyber Attack

Cyber Security of the UK's Critical National Infrastructure - UK Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy (Nov 2018)