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ACRCCI publication list in peer-reviewed international journals (2009-2019)

IF, Five Year Impact Factor; JR, Journal Ranking out of 212 Plant Science journals
Source: Web of Science 2017

  1. ShenS, MaS, LiuYH, LiaoSJ, LiJ, KartikaD, Wu LM, Mock H-P and Ruan Y-L (2019) Cell wall invertase and sugar transporters are differentially activated in tomato styles and ovaries during pollination and fertilization. Frontier in Plant Science 18 April 2019 | IF, 4.6; JR 19/212
  2. Wang H, Yan SJ, Xin HJ, Huang WJ, Zhang H, Teng SZ, Yu YC, Fernie AR, Lu XD, Li PC, Li SY, Zhang CY, Ruan Y-L, Chen L-Q, Lang ZH (2019) A Subsidiary Cell-localized Glucose Transporter Promotes Stomatal Conductance and Photosynthesis. The Plant Cell DOI: IF, 10.0; JR, 5/212.
  3. Hu Y, Chen JD, Fang L, Zhang ZY, Ma W, Niu YC, Ju RZ, Zhao T, Lian JM, Baruch K, Fang D, Liu X, RuanY-L, RahmanM, WangQ, DengJQ, WuHT, MeiGP, HanZG, ZhouLF, HuangF, BrodtA, Ben-HamoH, ZanYH, ZhuXF, ZhouBL,GuanXY, ZhuSJ, ChenXY, Zhang TZ (2019) Origin and Genome Evolution of Gossypium barbadense and G. hirsutum, Nature Genetics (accepted 11 Febuary 2019). IF, 31.15; JR, 2/112 in Genetics and heredity.
  4. Ma W, Guan X, Li J, Pan R, Wang L, Liu F, Ma H, Zhu,S, Hu J, Ruan Y-L, Chen XY, and Zhang YZ (2019) Mitochondrial small heat shock protein mediates seed germination via thermal sensing. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences. IF, 10.4; JR, 5/64 in multidisciplinary science.
  5. Yang J, Zhu L, Cui W, Zhang C, Li D, Ma B, Cheng L, Ruan Y-L, Ma F and Li M (2019) 'Increased activity of MdFRK2, a high-affinity fructokinase, leads to upregulation of sorbitol metabolism and downregulation of sucrose metabolism in apple leaves', HORTICULTURE RESEARCH, 5. Doi: 10.1038/s41438-018-0099-x. IF, 3.9; JR, 2/37 in Horticulture.
  6. WanHJ, WuLM, Yang YJ, ZhouGZ and Ruan Y-L (2018) Evolution of sucrose metabolism: The dichotomy of invertases. Trends in Plant Science23. 163-177. IF, 13.4; JR, 2/212.
  7. Wen, C-K., Zhao, Y., Ruan, Y-L (2018) Editorial: Hormonal Control of Important Agronomic Traits. Front. Plant Sci. 9:1504.doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.01504. IF, 4.6; JR 19/212.
  8. Chen L, Yang D, Zhang Y, Wu LM, Zhang Y, Ye L, Pan C, He Y, Huang L, Ruan Y-L,# and Gang L (2018) Evidence for a specific and critical role of mitogen-activated protein kinase 20 in uni-to-binucleate transition of microgametogenesis in tomato. New Phycologist 219, 176-194 (# Corresponding author). IF, 7.9; JR, 7/212.
  9. ShenS, ZhangL, LiangX-G, ZhaoX, LinS, QuL-H, LiuY-P, GaoZ, Y-L Ruan# and Zhou S-L# (2018) Delayed pollination and low availability of assimilates are major factors causing maize kernel abortion. Journal of Experimental Botany 69, 1599-1613 (# Corresponding author). IF, 6.5; JR, 13/212.
  10. Wang L, Patrick JW and Ruan Y-L (2018) Live long and prosper- Roles of sugar and sugar polymers in seed vigor. Molecular Plant 11, 1-3. IF, 7.4; JR, 8/212.
  11. Ruan Y-L#, Zhang Z#, ZhouN, WangF, GuanX, FangL, ShangX, GuoW, ZhuS, and Tianzhen Zhang TZ (2017)Suppression of a putative sterol carrier gene reduces plasmodesmal permeability and activates expression of sucrose transporter gene during Cotton fiber Elongation. Plant Cell 29, 2027–2046 (# Equal first authors). IF, 10.0; JR, 5/212.
  12. Ru L, Osorio S, Wang L, Fernie AR, Patrick JW and Ruan Y-L (2017) Unravelling molecular pathways by which CWIN mediates ovary-to-fruit transition: Insights from transcriptomic and metabolomic responses to elevated CWIN activity. Journal of Experimental Botany 68, 4263-4279. IF, 6.5; JR, 13/212.
  13. Du J, Wang S, He C, Zhou B, Ruan Y-L and Shou H (2017) Identification of regulatory networks and hub genes controlling soybean seed set and size using RNA sequencing analysis. Journal of Experimental Botany 68, 1955-1972. IF, 6.5; JR, 13/212.
  14. Palmer WM, Patrick JW and Ruan Y-L (2017) Resin-embedded thin-section immunohistochemistry coupled with triple cellular counterstaining. Bio-protocols 7, (doi:10.21769/BioProtoc.2052).
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  17. Wang L and Ruan Y-L (2016) Critical roles of vacuolar invertase in floral organ development and male and female fertilities are revealed through characterization of GhVIN1-RNAi cotton plants. Plant Physiology 171, 405-423. IF, 7.4; JR, 9/212.
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  22. Shang XG, Chai Q, Zhang Q, Jiang J, Zhang TZ, Guo WZ, and Ruan Y-L (2015) Down-regulation of the cotton endo-1,4-β-glucanasegene GhKOR1 disrupts endosperm cellularization, delays embryo development and reduces early seedling vigor. Journal of Experimental Botany. 66, 3071-3083. IF, 6.5; JR, 13/212.
  23. Palmer WM, Ru L, Jin Y, Patrick JW and Ruan Y-L (2015) Tomato ovary-to-fruit transition is characterized by a spatial shift of mRNAs for cell wall invertase and its inhibitor with the encoded proteins localized to sieve elements. Molecular Plant 8, 315-328. Highlighted as cover story. IF, 7.4; JR, 8/212.
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