Ms Wendy Alexander

Ms Wendy Alexander

Conjoint Fellow

School of Humanities and Social Science

Career Summary


Dr Wendy Alexander is an early career researcher in cultural studies, literary studies and creative writing. She has a developing interest in environmental humanities, arts-integrated research, and contemporary ethnographic methods.

In her PhD, structured as an essay series and novella, Wendy engaged an immersive praxis to respond to topic-relevant objects and environments.

Wendy is now developing this methodology for future research projects, emphasising an interdisciplinary approach and engaging with research paradigms emerging from environmental humanities.

A particular focus is environmental conflict, and the impact of knowledge segregation in creating and ‘resolving’ dissent. This work offers the opportunity to examine how a range of knowledge systems operate in the increasingly common and complex scenario of public conflict surrounding environmental degradation in the era of climate change.

Research interests:

-       environmental humanities

-       arts-integrated research

-       literary studies

-       creative writing (creative non-fiction and short fiction)

-       material cultures

-       immersive praxis

-       contemporary ethnography


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Newcastle


  • creative writing
  • cultural studies
  • environmental humanities
  • immersive praxis
  • literary studies
  • material cultures

Fields of Research

Code Description Percentage
200599 Literary Studies not elsewhere classified 20
200299 Cultural Studies not elsewhere classified 50
199999 Studies in Creative Arts and Writing not elsewhere classified 30


For publications that are currently unpublished or in-press, details are shown in italics.

Journal article (5 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2015 Lovat TJ, Nilan P, Hosseini H, Samarayi I, Mansfield M, Alexander W, 'Australian Muslim Jobseekers and Social Capital', Canadian Ethnic Studies, 47 165-185 (2015) [C1]
Co-authors Terry Lovat, Pamela Nilan, Hamed Hosseini
2015 Nilan PM, Burgess H, Hobbs M, Threadgold SR, Alexander W, 'Youth, Social Media, and Cyberbullying Among Australian Youth: 'Sick Friends'', Social Media + Society, 1 1-12 (2015) [C1]
DOI 10.1177/2056305115604848
Citations Scopus - 3
Co-authors Pamela Nilan, Steven Threadgold
2013 Lovat TJ, Nilan P, Hosseini Faradonbeh S, Samarayi I, Mansfield M, Alexander W, 'Discrimination in the Labour Market: Exposing Employment Barriers among Muslim Jobseekers in Australia', Issues in Social Science, 1 53-73 (2013) [C1]
DOI 10.5296/iss.v1i1.4374
Co-authors Hamed Hosseini, Terry Lovat, Pamela Nilan
2013 Lovat T, Nilan P, Hosseini SAH, Samarayi I, Mansfield MM, Alexander W, 'Australian Muslim Jobseekers: Equal Employment Opportunity and Equity in the Labor Market', Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, 33 435-450 (2013) [C1]

The experience of job market disadvantage is not a novel phenomenon for some in contemporary Australia, even in the face of embedded equal employment opportunity (EEO) ideals. Thi... [more]

The experience of job market disadvantage is not a novel phenomenon for some in contemporary Australia, even in the face of embedded equal employment opportunity (EEO) ideals. This article addresses the phenomenon of persistent job market disadvantage for some minority groups by presenting new data from a major multi-method study on labor market obstacles for Muslims seeking jobs in Australia. Responses from jobseekers and employment service providers are analyzed together to consider how EEO principles are experienced by Muslims who engage with employment services and move in and out of the labor force. The article proposes that key EEO tenets-freedom from discrimination and support to overcome disadvantage-are not represented at present in many Muslim jobseeker experiences. Furthermore, these same EEO principles appear to be somewhat compromised in employment service provision to Muslim jobseekers and, by extension, to other disadvantaged minority jobseekers. We offer some suggestions as to how the spirit of EEO legislation might be better reflected in support of Muslim jobseekers. It is concluded that an all government approach may be needed to counter the deep mistrust of Muslims in Australian society. © 2013 Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs.

DOI 10.1080/13602004.2013.866346
Citations Scopus - 1
Co-authors Hamed Hosseini, Pamela Nilan, Terry Lovat
2011 Alexander WF, 'Review: Ali Abdul v the King: Muslim Stories from the Dark Days of White Australia by Hanifa Deen', Transnational Literature, 4 1-3 (2011) [C3]
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Total funding $15,000

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20131 grants / $15,000

The Early Modern Wonem's Research Network (EMWRN)$15,000

Funding body: University of Newcastle - Faculty of Education and Arts

Funding body University of Newcastle - Faculty of Education and Arts
Project Team Professor Rosalind Smith, Doctor Trisha Pender, Ms Wendy Alexander
Scheme Strategic Networks Grant
Role Investigator
Funding Start 2013
Funding Finish 2013
GNo G1400958
Type Of Funding Internal
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Ms Wendy Alexander


Conjoint Fellow
School of Humanities and Social Science
Faculty of Education and Arts

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