Dr Tajkira Khandoker

Dr Tajkira Khandoker

Casual Academic

Newcastle Business School (Economics)

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I have been working as a course coordinator and Lecturer in Economics at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia since 2018. I hold a Bachelor (Hons) in Economics and a MSc in Economics. I obtained a PhD in Economics from the University of Newcastle, Australia in February 2019. Previously, I worked as a teaching and research assistant at the same university since 2007.

My research interests include macroeconomics and macroeconomic policies, modelling in macroeconomics, stock-flow consistent modelling, Post Keynesian economics, monetary economics, financialisaton and financial instability, fiscal and monetary policies, inequality and income distribution, Wage-Led Growth, ecological macroeconomics, labour economics and employment, international political economy. I use simulation and calibration techniques to analyse macroeconomic performances, trends, indicators, and fiscal and monetary policy issues. In my PhD, I have developed a Stock-Flow consistent model to enhance and analyse the macroeconomic and financial instability in context of the 2007–2008 GFC.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, University of Newcastle


  • Macroprudential Policy
  • credit rationing
  • ecological macroeconomics
  • financial crises
  • housing market & household debt
  • macroeconomic & financial stability
  • macroeconomic policy
  • mortgage crises
  • real wage repression & financial stability
  • stock-flow-consistent model


  • English (Fluent)
  • Bengali (Mother)

Fields of Research

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140299 Applied Economics not elsewhere classified 100

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Casual Academic University of Newcastle
Newcastle Business School


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Conference (1 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2010 Khandoker T, Juniper AJ, Dzator JA, 'Fiscal withdrawal and real wage repression: A stock-flow consistent analysis in the context of the Global Finfancial Crisis', The Aftermath of the Crisis: Incorporating the 12th Path to Full Employment Conference and 17th National Conference on Unemployment. Proceedings: Refereed Papers, Newcastle, NSW (2010) [E1]
Co-authors Janet Dzator, James Juniper

Dr Tajkira Khandoker


Casual Academic
Discipline of Economics and Politics
Newcastle Business School
Faculty of Business and Law

Casual Academic
Discipline of Economics and Politics
Newcastle Business School
Faculty of Business and Law

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Email tajkira.khandoker@newcastle.edu.au
Phone (02) 49138524


Room X-742, New Space
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