Dr Patricia Johnson

Dr Patricia Johnson


Newcastle Business School (Tourism)

Career Summary


Patricia embarked on her academic career  to examine the perception and management of risk and security in tourist experiences, a study which involved traveling to Iran with the third Australian tour group to enter Iran after the Islamic revolution. Her research maintains an inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural focus and draws from the humanities and social sciences to engage concepts such as ideology, discourse, liminality, risk, cultural capital, the gaze and identity and difference to explore the emerging field of cosmopolitanism and questions relating to cultural literacy and global citizenship. In this, her work assumes a historical perspective to understand the discursive constitution of culture - that is, relationships of power and the ways in which knowledge of others is constructed, legitimated, reproduced and reworked. She maintains an expertise in analyzing travel media, in particular, travel writing to explore 'western' viewing positions over the foreign. Other research interests include destination development and cruise ship tourism and, in particular the roles of stakeholders in knowledge transfer processes and the role of volunteerism in the context of urban tourism. Patricia has been involved with a range of research projects and has provided strategic support to the school's Tourism Research Unit. Her teaching career also reflects this inter-disciplinary focus having taught a number of courses since 2001 at the University of Newcastle in the areas of tourism studies, media studies, cultural studies and sociology. Outside of academia she experience in business management in civil construction and has worked as a consultant devising and researching the effectiveness of workplace training in a range of industry applications.

Research Expertise
Dr Patricia C Johnson's primary research expertise lies within qualitative research method, but is also experienced in designing and carrying out quantitative research. As a researcher, her focus is interdisciplinary and lie within the areas of tourism studies and cultural studies. Patricia maintains an active and interdisciplinary research focus is which draws from English literature, cultural studies, sociology, geography, anthropology, gender studies and tourism studies to engage concepts such as the emerging area of cosmopolitanism, liminality, the tourist gaze and cultural capital. Other areas of interest in research include cruise ship tourism, nautical tourism, destination development and image development. She held a key research position examining stakeholder attitudes about the readiness of Newcastle as a home for cruise ship tourism and is actively engaged in furthering research efforts in this field. Other areas of research that she has been involved in include recreation specialisation and tourist image construction of PNG,and  wine tourism. As lecturer and a dedicated teacher, she is actively involved in research projects involving teaching and learning in the Faculty of Business and Law.

Teaching Expertise
Dr Patricia Johnson is Lecturer and Course Coordinator in Sustainable Tourism Management at Callaghan and Central Coast campuses in NSW and is Course Coordinator in the delivery of courses at the University of Newcastle Singapore. Courses include: Visitor Behaviour and Management, Leisure Behaviour and Management, Event Management, Tourism Policy and Planning, and Tourism Principles and Practices. She also supervises Honours and Postgraduate students in Tourism.  Patricia has substantial experience in teaching at an undergraduate level across disciplines and topic areas having held a number of teaching and lecturing positions at the University of Newcastle since 2001 in the fields of Tourism, Leisure and Recreation, Social Science, Cultural Studies (including media and film studies) and English Language and Open Foundation Studies. She is a committed teacher whose approach to teaching tourism is informed by this interdisciplinary teaching experience.


  • PhD, University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Business, University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Honours), University of Newcastle


  • Cosmopolitanism
  • Cruise Ship Tourism
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Cultural Studies
  • Culture and Heritage Management
  • Destination Image
  • Liminality
  • Media Studies
  • Risk and Tourism
  • Tourism Behaviour
  • Tourism Management
  • Travel Writing

Fields of Research

Code Description Percentage
150499 Commercial Services not elsewhere classified 30
150601 Impacts of Tourism 70

Professional Experience

UON Appointment

Title Organisation / Department
Lecturer University of Newcastle
Newcastle Business School

Academic appointment

Dates Title Organisation / Department
1/01/2010 -  Lecturer University of Newcastle
Business and Law
1/01/2009 - 1/01/2010 Lecturer University of Newcastle
Business and Law
1/01/2007 - 1/12/2008 Research Academic University of Newcastle
School of Economics, Politics and Tourism
1/01/2007 - 1/12/2007 Research Academic University of Newcastle
School of Humanities and Social Science
1/01/2001 - 1/12/2008 Casual Lecturer and Tutor University of Newcastle
School of Humanities and Social Science


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Chapter (1 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2014 Johnson PC, 'Frameworks of Freedom and Fear: Authorizing the Voice in Women's Travel Writing', Travel, Discovery, Transformation, Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, New Jersey 101-122 (2014) [B1]

Journal article (7 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2014 Johnson PC, 'Cultural literacy, cosmopolitanism and tourism research', Annals of Tourism Research, 44 255-269 (2014) [C1]

Cosmopolitanism has been approached from a multitude of perspectives yet it continues to pose theoretical challenges in application. This paper assumes a post-disciplinary approac... [more]

Cosmopolitanism has been approached from a multitude of perspectives yet it continues to pose theoretical challenges in application. This paper assumes a post-disciplinary approach to critique these writings and analyse the intersections of tourism/cosmopolitanism/worldmaking. Through these means a philosophical platform is built that advances cultural literacy as the defining principle of cosmopolitanism. Cosmopolitanism encompasses the both-and, and has much to do with cosmopolitics, worldview, cultural orientations and compossibilities of tourism populations. Tourism is at the coalface of inter- and intra-cultural exchange and cultural literacy provides an innovative tool to operationalize worldmaking and address the complexities of an increasingly cosmopolitanized world. These ideas constitute an ontological shift in thinking about tourism and its many contexts. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

DOI 10.1016/j.annals.2013.10.006
Citations Scopus - 6Web of Science - 4
2012 Johnson PC, Lyons KD, 'The dynamics of port development: Modelling knowledge transfer and stakeholder involvement', Tourism: An International Interdisciplinary Journal, 60 15-28 (2012) [C1]
Citations Scopus - 2
Co-authors Kevin Lyons
2010 Johnson PC, 'Writing liminal landscapes: The cosmopolitan gaze', Tourism Geographies, 12 505-524 (2010) [C1]
DOI 10.1080/14616688.2010.516397
Citations Scopus - 6Web of Science - 5
2010 Johnson PC, 'De-constructing the cosmopolitan gaze', Tourism and Hospitality Research, 10 79-92 (2010) [C1]
DOI 10.1057/thr.2009.27
Citations Scopus - 3
2007 Johnson PC, 'The 'Great Satan' vs the 'Mad Mullahs'', Journal of Intercultural Studies, 28 247-249 (2007) [C3]
DOI 10.1080/07256860701236658
2003 Johnson PC, 'Book Review: 'Restoring Tourism Destinations in Crisis: A Strategic Marketing Approach', Current Issues in Tourism, 6 547-550 (2003) [C3]
2001 Johnson PC, 'An Examination of risk within Tourist Experiences to the Islamic Republic of Iran', Annals of Leisure Research, 4 38-57 (2001) [C1]
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Conference (11 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2014 Keogh C, Johnson P, Kriz A, 'Innovative research by design: Using action research to explore the self-contained accommodation sector', CAUTHE 2014: Tourism and Hospitality in the Contemporary World: Trends, Changes and Complexity (2014) [E1]
Co-authors Anton Kriz
2014 Keogh C, Kriz A, Johnson PC, 'Is the Party Over for Second Homes in Australia? How Action Research and Management Theory Can Combine to Aid a Fragmented Sector', Program and abstracts from the IGU Commission for the Geography of Tourism, Leisure and Global Change conference, Skeviks gård, Stockholm, 9-11 June 2014 (2014) [E3]
Co-authors Anton Kriz
2012 Johnson PC, 'Frameworks of freedom and fear: Authorising the voice in women's travel writing', Travel Ideals: Engaging with Spaces of Mobility. Inaugural Conference Travel Research Network (2012) [E3]
2012 Johnson PC, Lyons KD, 'Knowledge transfer: An analysis technique for destination planning process', Proceedings of the 1st Annual Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Research (THoR 2012) (2012) [E1]
Co-authors Kevin Lyons
2012 Johnson PC, 'Cultural literacy: A technique to analyse cosmopolitanism in tourism research', Proceedings of the 1st Annual Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Research (THoR 2012) (2012) [E1]
2011 Johnson PC, 'Worldmaking in tourism studies: Adding cultural literacy to the petrie dish of the social sciences', Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Conference: Local Lives/Global Networks (2011) [E3]
2011 Johnson PC, 'It's a wild world: language, liminality, and a conceptual toolbox of scripts, scapes, and tropes', Fourth Critical Tourism Studies Conference 2011 (CTS IV) Full Papers (2011) [E1]
2011 Johnson PC, Lyons KD, 'Knowledge transfer in a turbulent context: The case of cruise tourism development in Newcastle, Australia', Proceedings of the CAUTHE 2011 National Conference: Tourism: Creating a Brilliant Blend (2011) [E1]
Co-authors Kevin Lyons
2010 Johnson PC, Pearse A, 'Destination development and cruise ship tourism: Case study Newcastle, NSW', Competition and Collaboration Between Regional Tourism Destinations (2010) [E1]
2009 Johnson PC, 'De-constructing the cosmopolitan gaze', Think Tank IX: Presentations and Papers (2009) [E3]
DOI 10.1057/thr.2009.27
2009 Lyons KD, Markwell K, Johnson PC, 'Recreation specialisation and destination image: A case study of birding tourists values and their perceptions of Papua New Guinea', Think Tank IX: Presentations and Papers (2009) [E3]
Co-authors Kevin Lyons
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Thesis / Dissertation (1 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2013 Smith SJ, Monumentalising Language: Visitor Experience & Meaning Making at the Afrikaanse Taalmonument, Southern Cross University, Lismore NSW Australia (2013)

Grants and Funding


Number of grants 2
Total funding $200,107

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20171 grants / $195,107

Strengthening public service performance: Building capacity in effective governance and public policy in the Kenyan Public Service Commission$195,107

This Australia Awards Fellowship consists of an Executive Training Program and a Research component.  Fifteen Australia Awards Fellows from the Kenyan Public Service Commission (KPSC) will undergo professional development in public service governance, effectiveness and productivity as an executive program specifically designed and coordinated to assist them in building capacity in the organisation. This will be the first year of what is planned to be a three-year program – with funding for the second and third years being dependent on the successful outcomes of the program in 2017.

The KPSC has identified priority needs in the areas of values and ethics, public service productivity and developing capacity for policy analysis and formulation. An increasingly urgent problem facing the KPSC is how to is how to manage the  devolution of public services from the Federal to the Local level. The sheer size of KPSC brings significant challenges affecting organisational behaviour and systemic congruence across government levels (from central to 47 counties). If not addressed in the near future, the lack of capacity and capability in these three areas will become a serious threat to the success of devolution in Kenya with long-term ramifications for the country’s social and political stability.

This DFAT funded program provides an opportunity for the KPSC to develop insights into how to achieve their goals based on a whole of government approach. The program aims to provide experiential and instructed learning and ongoing mentorship in Australia. The KPSC is particularly interested in learning about how to extend (and if necessary redesign) their existing capacity to embed more firmly a culture of ethical and progressive improvement. This program, delivered through seminars supported by site visits to key federal, state and local public service entities in Canberra, Sydney and Newcastle involves experiential learning with experts and counterparts in public service roles. The program aims to facilitate new connections at an individual level while strengthening institutional links between Australia and Kenya.

Funding body: Department of Foriegn Affairs and Trade

Funding body Department of Foriegn Affairs and Trade
Project Team

Dr Patricia Johnson and Professor Jim Jose

Scheme Australia Award Fellowships
Role Lead
Funding Start 2017
Funding Finish 2017
Type Of Funding Aust Competitive - Commonwealth
Category 1CS

20111 grants / $5,000

Location, Collation and the Transference of Knowledge in Tourism Studies: A critical review of Government, Scholarly and Industry Writings on the Cruise Tourism and an investigation of course offering$5,000

Funding body: University of Newcastle

Funding body University of Newcastle
Project Team Doctor Patricia Johnson
Scheme New Staff Grant
Role Lead
Funding Start 2011
Funding Finish 2011
GNo G1100455
Type Of Funding Internal
Category INTE

Research Supervision

Number of supervisions


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Current Supervision

Commenced Level of Study Research Title Program Supervisor Type
2016 PhD Tourism Destination Governance: The Co-operation Between Business Sectors and Local Residents - A Case Study in Vietnam PhD (Leisure & Tourism), Faculty of Business and Law, The University of Newcastle Co-Supervisor
2012 PhD What Rules? Local Government Land Use Decision Making for Events in NSW PhD (Leisure & Tourism), Faculty of Business and Law, The University of Newcastle Co-Supervisor

Past Supervision

Year Level of Study Research Title Program Supervisor Type
2014 PhD Investigating Thai Accommodation Managers' Environmental Management Practices: A Behavioural Intentions Approach PhD (Leisure & Tourism), Faculty of Business and Law, The University of Newcastle Co-Supervisor
2013 PhD Monumentalising LanguageVisitor Experience and Meaning Making at the Afrikaanse Taalmonument Tourism, Southern Cross University Co-Supervisor

Dr Patricia Johnson


Newcastle Business School
Faculty of Business and Law

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