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Mr Kris Smith

Conjoint Lecturer

School of Creative Industries (Fine Art)

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Kris Smith is a lecturer in the School of Creative Arts, Faculty of Education and Arts at the University of Newcastle. This role follows on from a professional career as a practicing artist in the fields of photography, multimedia, graphic design, painting, printmaking and project-based community arts practice.

As an art practitioner his research has been showcased at such venues as the Pearl Street Gallery, Brooklyn New York; Wieliczka Gallery, Poland; Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA); The Art Gallery of NSW; Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery; the University of North Carolina and the SMARTlab, University of East London.

Kris has most recently been a Chief Investigator on “The Growing Up with Cancer” project, which has been supported under the Australian Research Council's Linkage Projects funding scheme. This project used traditional and creative practice research to understand the experience of having cancer during adolescence and young adulthood. It brought together researchers, artists, advocates and clinicians at the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine, University of Sydney, the University of Newcastle, the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, and CanTeen – the Australian organisation for young people living with cancer. Those engaged in this project not only participated in interviews, but also collaborated with Kris or worked on their own to produce a self-portrait that represented them and the impact of cancer on their experience of growing up. These works have been shown at eight venues within Australia including hospitals, and community, art and education spaces. The imagery and research has been published, and presented at international conferences in Australia and the UK.

Currently Kris is working with the Hunter Medical Research Institute to showcase their research through a range of public video projections as part of Newcastle’s City Evolutions Project.

Research Expertise
Concepts of time and properties of light are a primary focus of recent works. Using time-lapse photography; the path of the sun and the consequent changing colour temperature of light throughout a day is documented in a range of environments. Photographs and digital animations are constructed that emphasize these qualities of light and the impact of apparently subtle changes that occur over time. The images are usually presented as a combination of large-scale digital prints and digital projections. Underpinning the work are studies of pre-cinema time-lapse photography and modernist films of the 1920's investigating time as the fourth dimension in art. Results of this current research have been presented at such venues as the Art Gallery of NSW, Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery, Gosford Regional Gallery and the University of North Carolina.

Teaching Expertise
Digital Photomedia course design and delivery. Interactive multimedia and digital video. Digital models for classroom and web based learning material. Digital portfolio production Black and white photography: technique and darkroom practice Studio Photography

Administrative Expertise
Coordination of Photomedia within the School of Creative Arts.


  • Master of Fine Art, University of Newcastle
  • Diploma in Art, Newcastle College of Advanced Education
  • Graduate Diploma of Art, Newcastle College of Advanced Education


  • Digital Animation
  • Digital Photomedia
  • Hybrid Photomedia
  • Studio Photography
  • Time-lapse Photography
  • Traditional Photomedia

Fields of Research

Code Description Percentage
190299 Film, Television and Digital Media not elsewhere classified 100



Year Title / Rationale
2007 Lorn: The private township. Works by Anne Robinson
Organisation: Lorn Gallery Description: Invited to open an exhibition as a professional arts academic
2005 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition
Organisation: Newcastle City Council Lovett Gallery Description: Invited to launch the International Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition at the Lovett Gallery, Newcastle, one of a limited number of venues in Australia where this prestigious exhibition was displayed.
2004 Volvo Adventure International Award 2004
Organisation: Holy Family Primary School, Merewether Beach Description: Invited to conduct lighting and animation workshops to assist Newcastle primary school students representing Australia in the International Volvo Environmental Awards, Gotenborg, Sweden
2004 Pix in the Stix: Photographic Award
Organisation: Gloucester Art Gallery Description: Invited speaker and competition judge of the annual Gloucester Photographic prize
2004 Anna Kling: Recent Photomedia Works
Organisation: Newcastle Art Space Description: Invited to launch the exhibition of Photomedia images by Anna Kling, a visiting German artist at Newcastle Art Space.
2002 Digital Imaging Workshop
Organisation: Newcastle Region Catholic Schools Education Office Description: Invited as a consultant and specialist to produce and deliver a professional workshop in digital imaging for the purpose of upskilling secondary school fine art teachers.


For publications that are currently unpublished or in-press, details are shown in italics.

(31 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2013 Lewis P, Jordens CFC, Mooney-Somers J, Smith K, Kerridge I, 'Growing Up With Cancer: Accommodating the Effects of Cancer Into Young People's Social Lives', Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing, 30 311-319 (2013) [C1]
DOI 10.1177/1043454213513839
Citations Scopus - 7Web of Science - 7
2012 Smith KA, Growing Up with Cancer (2012)
2011 Alexander B, Lawry MJ, Sinnott PA, Smith KA, Adams PA, Philp AJ, 'Tracing Site: Relocating the museum from Wood St to Honeysuckle', : University of Newcastle (2011) [O1]
Co-authors Angela Philp, Miranda Lawry, Patricia Wilson-Adams
2011 Alexander B, Lawry MJ, Philp AJ, Sinnott PA, Smith KA, Weekes TM, Adams PA, 'Site Tracing: Culture, identity, site and place', . Newcastle, NSW, Australia: The Lock-Up Cultural Centre (2011) [O1]
Co-authors Patricia Wilson-Adams, Angela Philp, Miranda Lawry
2010 Smith KA, 'Deciphering perceptions of identity through facilitated images of the 'self'', ArtsHealth Symposium - Space and Wellbeing (2010) [E3]
2010 Smith KA, Deciphering Identity, exhibited at Healing: Space and Place, Newcastle, NSW (2010) [J2]
2009 Smith KA, 'Portraying patient's perspectives', The 2nd ArtsHealth Conference Proceedings (2009) [E3]
2009 Smith KA, Ritual: Hoading, Ritual: Festival, Ritual: Street Cleaner exhibited at 'A Fine Line', Newcastle, NSW (2009) [J2]
2008 Smith KA, Simply InSPIREational, Cessnock, NSW (2008) [J2]
2008 Smith KA, Hatched 08 National Graduate Show, Perth, WA (2008) [J2]
2008 Smith KA, Tidal Salt I: Down Under Ground, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland (2008) [J2]
2008 Smith KA, Bjorko: Animation, Newcastle, NSW, Australia (2008) [J2]
2007 Smith KA, Orologio Solare - Master of Fine Art Exhibition (2007) [J1]
2007 Smith KA, The Plastic Bag, Newcastle (2007) [J2]
2007 Smith KA, Mark Twain: Coalopolis to Metropolis, New York (2007) [J2]
2007 Smith KA, Lightness, Newcastle (2007) [J2]
2006 Smith KA, Verve: Exhibition by Fine Art Staff, Newcastle (2006) [J2]
2006 Smith KA, Gosford Art Prize, Gosford, NSW (2006) [J2]
2005 Smith K, Home is where the art is: An exhibition of works by artists from the Newcastle Region, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (2005) [J2]
2005 Smith KA, Drawing the Line: an exhibition by postgraduate artists, Newcastle, NSW (2005) [J2]
2005 Smith KA, Eden Gardens, Sydney (2005) [J2]
2005 Smith K, Works by Artists from the University of Newcastle School of Fine Art, North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia (2005) [J2]
2005 Smith K, Gosford Art Prize Exhibition, Gosford, New South Wales, Australia (2005) [J2]
2004 Smith K, Future State: an exhibition of works by Newcastle Printmakers, Newcastle, NSW, Australia (2004) [J2]
2004 Smith K, Shoot the Chef. Sydney Morning Herald Photography Prize., Sydney, Australia (2004) [J1]
2004 Gray AL, Longworth JF, Goddard CR, Alfaro Hernandez S, Smith KA, Whamond AM, et al., works in progress (2004) [J1]
2004 Smith KA, Solar Arc - Winter Light (2004) [J1]
2003 Darcy SM, Smith KA, Domestic Space, Newcastle (2003) [J2]
2003 Smith KA, Works on Paper, South Carolina (2003) [J2]
2001 Smith K, Time Lapse: Photographs by Kris Smith (2001) [J1]
2001 Smith K, Characteristic Curve: Works by Artists and Teachers from the Newcastle TAFE Art School, Newcastle, (2001) [J2]
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Grants and Funding


Number of grants 2
Total funding $70,260

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20081 grants / $45,260

Growing up with Cancer: A mixed method examination of how cancer influences the transition from adolescence to adulthood $45,260

Funding body: ARC (Australian Research Council)

Funding body ARC (Australian Research Council)
Project Team Mr Kris Smith, Associate Professor Ian Kerridge
Scheme Linkage Projects
Role Lead
Funding Start 2008
Funding Finish 2013
GNo G0189887
Type Of Funding Aust Competitive - Commonwealth
Category 1CS

20071 grants / $25,000

Tracing site visual arts research project$25,000

Funding body: Newcastle Regional Museum

Funding body Newcastle Regional Museum
Project Team Mr Brett Alexander, Ms Patricia Adams, Conjoint Associate Professor Allan Chawner, Doctor Miranda Lawry, Associate Professor Pam Sinnott, Mr Kris Smith, Doctor Trevor Weekes
Scheme Project Grant
Role Investigator
Funding Start 2007
Funding Finish 2007
GNo G0187997
Type Of Funding Other Public Sector - Local
Category 2OPL

Research Supervision

Number of supervisions


Total current UON EFTSL


Current Supervision

Commenced Level of Study Research Title Program Supervisor Type
2016 PhD Exorcising the Abject: A Cathartic Disquisition PhD (Fine Art), Faculty of Education and Arts, The University of Newcastle Co-Supervisor
2015 PhD The Passage of Time and The Shadow PhD (Fine Art), Faculty of Education and Arts, The University of Newcastle Co-Supervisor

Past Supervision

Year Level of Study Research Title Program Supervisor Type
2016 Masters Terrifyingly Normal: Using Sequential Art to Increase Understanding of Gender Transition M Philosophy (Fine Art), Faculty of Education and Arts, The University of Newcastle Principal Supervisor
2015 Masters Manhattan and the Merging of Modernism M Philosophy (Fine Art), Faculty of Education and Arts, The University of Newcastle Co-Supervisor
2014 PhD Margin Walker - A Theatre of Disembodied Poetics PhD (Fine Art), Faculty of Education and Arts, The University of Newcastle Co-Supervisor
2013 Masters Dig a Bit Deeper - Connection and Contemporary Landscape Art M Philosophy (Fine Art), Faculty of Education and Arts, The University of Newcastle Principal Supervisor
2011 Masters Serendip to Sri Lanka: A Photographic Journey M Philosophy (Fine Art), Faculty of Education and Arts, The University of Newcastle Principal Supervisor
2011 Masters An Exploration of Urban Space....Space has Two Voices M Philosophy (Fine Art), Faculty of Education and Arts, The University of Newcastle Principal Supervisor
2011 PhD Images of Asian Identity: Asian Women as a Vision of Technological Utopia PhD (Fine Art), Faculty of Education and Arts, The University of Newcastle Co-Supervisor
2010 Masters Extending the Boundaries of Mark Making M Philosophy [R], Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, The University of Newcastle Co-Supervisor


Portraying cancer through art

Portraying cancer through art

March 1, 2014

Kris Smith, an academic in the School of Creative Arts, combines his interests in photo media and working with young people for the interdisciplinary Growing Up With Cancer Project.

Mr Kris Smith


Conjoint Lecturer
School of Creative Industries
Faculty of Education and Arts

Focus area

Fine Art

Contact Details

Phone (02) 4921 7230
Fax (02) 4921 7070


Room VA208
Building VAMS Building
Location Callaghan
University Drive
Callaghan, NSW 2308