Miss Emma Bohringer

Miss Emma Bohringer

Associate Lecturer

University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health

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Emma Bohringer is an Associate Lecturer in Nutrition & Dietetics at the University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health (UONDRH). She is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with experience in clinical dietetics and works concurrently in a clinical specialist dietetics role in Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital. Emma's role with the UONDRH supports undergraduate N&D students completing their field placements in rural areas across the New England region NSW, including Tamworth, Armidale, Inverell and Guyra. She provides academic and clinical support to students and clinical educators, and teaches into online undergraduate courses in Nutrition and Dietetics.  

Qualifications & expertise: Emma graduated from The University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics with Honours in 2011 and worked for three years as a private clinical dietitian and chronic care coordinator in a large rural medical practice before joining the UONDRH in 2015. In her private practice role she gained extensive expertise in the nutritional management of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and gastrointestinal diseases. She continues to provide inpatient and outpatient dietetic services through her clinical role with the HNELHD diabetes service and in her academic role with the UONDRH.

Research expertise: As part of her UONDRH role Emma is working as a co-investigator on the Rural CVD study, exploring the effectiveness of a telephone based nutrition and lifestyle counseling service for rural and remote dwellers at risk of cardiovascular disease. During her undergraduate degree Emma completed an honours research project under the supervision of Dr Leanne Brown on the screening and referral processes in rural oncology clinics, highlighting the barriers to providing adequate patient-centered dietetic services to people in rural and remote areas when service funding is limited. Her research experience has been in quantitative research methodology and data analysis.  

Publications: Emma has been the primary author on one journal article and a co-author on one article that has recently been accepted for publication. She has had two abstracts accepted for poster presentations at the International Congress of Dietetics in 2012 and the Dietitians Association of Australia National Conference in 2016. Emma has an ongoing interest in delivering best practice dietetic services to rural and remote communities and translating research in to practical advice on food and eating.

Presentations: Emma was invited to be a guest speaker and panel discussion member at the University of Newcastle BREAATHHE (Bringing Rural Experience and Awareness to Hunter Health Education) Symposium in 2014.


  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours), University of Newcastle
  • Open Foundation, University of Newcastle


  • CVD
  • Diabetes
  • Malnutrition
  • Rural

Fields of Research

Code Description Percentage
111199 Nutrition and Dietetics not elsewhere classified 100

Professional Experience

Academic appointment

Dates Title Organisation / Department
27/04/2015 -  Lecturer The University of Newcastle - Faculty of Health and Medicine


Code Course Role Duration
HLSC1200 Nutrition 1
Faculty of Health, University of Newcastle
Introduces students to the study of nutrition including nutrients, requirements, food sources and food selection guides. It covers some aspects of food legislation, as well as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, recommended dietary intakes, and nutrition as a contributor to health.
Associate Lecturer 13/07/2015 - 2/12/2016
NUDI4270 Sports Nutrition
Faculty of Health, University of Newcastle
Sports Nutrition is the study of nutrition and exercise in promotion of health, and prevention and management of disease process for groups with specific nutrient needs. Applied exercise science is integrated with nutrition and dietetics.
Lecturer 13/07/2015 - 2/12/2016


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Journal article (2 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2016 Rae K, Bohringer E, Ashman A, Brown L, Collins C, 'Cultural experiences of student and new-graduate dietitians in the Gomeroi gaaynggal ArtsHealth program: A quality assurance project', Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 27 162-166 (2016) [C1]

© Australian Health Promotion Association 2016. Issue addressed Undergraduate dietetic students are required to demonstrate cultural awareness and culturally respectful communica... [more]

© Australian Health Promotion Association 2016. Issue addressed Undergraduate dietetic students are required to demonstrate cultural awareness and culturally respectful communication to meet national competencies, but exposure to practical experiences may be limited. The Gomeroi gaaynggal ArtsHealth Centre was established in 2009 after community consultation with the Indigenous community in Tamworth, New South Wales. The Centre provides a safe and welcoming space where women can create art while discussing health issues with visiting health professionals and students. The present study aimed to evaluate the cultural experiences of student and new-graduate dietitians visiting an Aboriginal ArtsHealth centre through a quality assurance project. Methods Six student and new-graduate dietitians were invited to provide feedback on their experiences for this report. A generic inductive approach was used for qualitative data analysis. Results Key qualitative themes of 'building rapport' and 'developing cultural understanding' were identified. Four of the participants interviewed felt they gained a deeper understanding of the context around health disparity for Indigenous Australians through their experiences. Key ways to build rapport with community members were identified. Conclusions Results suggest that first-hand experiences working in an Aboriginal ArtsHealth centre are effective in building cultural competency skills for student and new-graduate dietitians. These experiences could be better supported through improved preparation for the cultural setting, and ongoing monitoring of participant experiences is recommended. So what? The authors encourage undergraduate dietetic programs and students to seek out opportunities for further development of cultural awareness through increased practical experiences working with Indigenous communities.

DOI 10.1071/HE15028
Co-authors Clare Collins, Kym Rae, Leanne Brown
2016 Bohringer E, Brown L, 'Nutrition Screening and Referrals in Two Rural Australian Oncology Clinics', Food and Nutrition Sciences, 07 1070-1081 (2016) [C1]
DOI 10.4236/fns.2016.712103
Co-authors Leanne Brown

Conference (2 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2017 Robinson A, Brown LJ, Plunkett B, Urquhart L, Bohringer E, Squires K, Crowley E, 'Establishing academic roles in rural areas to cultivate the dietetic workforce', Dietitians Association of Australia 34th National Conference 'Cultivating Fresh Evidence' (2017)
DOI 10.1111/1747-0080.12354
Co-authors Bridget Plunkett, Kelly Squires, Amy Robinson, Lisa Urquhart, Leanne Brown
2016 Bohringer E, Brown LJ, Ashman A, Corby C, Rae K, 'Engaging students in a remote community placement experience: Making tracks for the future' (2016)
Co-authors Kym Rae, Leanne Brown

Miss Emma Bohringer


Associate Lecturer
University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health
Faculty of Health and Medicine

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