The University of Newcastle, Australia

Equity and Diversity Plans

The University of Newcastle is committed to building a rewarding, stimulating and supportive place to work for each and every one of our staff members. We recognise that it is not only a vibrant workplace culture but also practical solutions that make the world of difference for staff as they juggle busy lives and career challenges. Equity and social justice are an integral part of our "DNA" - with these principles embedded in our institution's values.

We provide opportunities for people with ability, regardless of their background and experience, and this philosophy is reflected across all that we do including our employment and promotion practices. We will continue to invest in our individual and institutional health by building the capacity and capability of our staff through the goals highlighted in our Strategic Plan. This plan is supported by clear policies, procedures, guidelines and training. Our targeted equity action plans outline the "real-world" actions that we are taking to ensure that we continually build upon and celebrate a diverse and healthy workforce and student population.

The University has various plans in place to meet our equity and diversity goals.