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Chill Out at the Library

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Chill Out with our Library stress less initiatives!

Our stress less initiatives are to encourage students to take regular study breaks. Often when we are stressed and working towards deadlines we forget how important breaks are for our well-being! Positive effects from breaks include an improved ability to take on and recall information, creativity, problem solving, and mental health. We will be providing some great games, crafts and brain teasers. Some of the fun and COVID-safe activities that we have planned are:

  • De-stress dominoes - Grab a set from one of the Library Service Zones to create your own runs, film the action and post them to Instagram. Tag your images and films to @UONLibrary #UONLibrarydominoes.
  • Origami! - Get folding with our beautiful paper ! We'll be running “Folding Friday” through our Social Media channels to show you some of the things you can make!
  • Piece By Piece - Find a weekly online puzzle made with images from the Living Histories on our Library Blog, brought to you by the University Library’s Special Collections.

Watch this space for more stress less tips throughout the exam period and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to see what students are creating.

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