Auchmuty Information Common Celebrates 10th Birthday

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Auchmuty Information Common (AIC) celebrates ten years of 24 hour operations in March.

"Possibly the single best service provided by the University of Newcastle"

Student feedback: AIC Survey, 2007

Ten years ago a quiet reading room in the Auchmuty Library was transformed into a vibrant learning space, complete with newspapers, café, lounges, and a 24 hour service during semester.

Students immediately loved the new look and feel of the AIC and door statistics for 2004 jumped by 22%. The AIC continues to be popular with more than 335,000 people using the space in 2013.

Students tell us they enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and value the access to computers, fast wi-fi and spaces for individual, group and collaborative study. At the heart of the success of the AIC is the strong service model. Library staff offer specialist information services during the day, while student Rovers provide frontline IT and basic information support 24 hours a day.

The Rovers are often the first 'face of the library' and as students themselves understand and empathise with issues faced by other students. A strong focus on customer service means Rovers employed by the Library develop transferrable skills that stand them in good stead in their subsequent careers.

"I think my career and life would look very different right now, had I not had the fortune of becoming a Rover. It was my favourite job out of all I have held, and almost 9 years later I still use the knowledge and skills in my daily work."

 Ex-Rover feedback, 2014

In 2007, the Auchmuty Information Common won a prestigious Carrick Institute award for Outstanding contribution to student learning.

The Auchmuty Information Common was developed through collaboration between the Library, Infrastructure and Facilities, and IT Services.  Its continued success is based on close analysis of changing patterns of study and pedagogy, and by listening to and responding to student feedback.

AIC view of desk