The University of Newcastle, Australia

Interest, self-belief and commitment a recipe for success

Monday, 28 April 2014

This is the advice from Bachelor of Business (Honours) student Daniel Frost, who's seen his fair share of hurdles in achieving his dream of a career in business and human resource management.

At the age of four Daniel was diagnosed with Multiple Hereditary Exostosis and has had more than 100 tumours removed from his body so far. As a result of his medical condition Daniel spent a lot of time in hospital undergoing numerous painful medical procedures and operations and missed much of his final year at school.

Bachelor of Business (Honours) student Daniel Frost"During my HSC, my studies were interrupted due to medical complications and I was only able to achieve a modest ATAR of 48. However this minor setback did not end my dream, instead I gained a few years of invaluable experience working, before enrolling into the University bridging course - Open Foundation. Uninterrupted by surgeries I was able to achieve an ATAR of 90 and gained a position in the Bachelor of Business."

After three years study, Daniel completed his degree last year before deciding to continue studying to explore the world of research in the Bachelor of Business Honours Program.

If you have ambitions to study at university but face challenges along the way, Daniel shares his thoughts on how to pave your way to success.

"I cannot stress the importance of pursuing a career that interests you. Not your friends', neighbours' or family's interests but your own. You will enjoy your University experience more and most importantly you will end up in a job where you enjoy going to work every day."

Self-belief is another element of success, according to Daniel. "There is no better time than now to confront your fears and pursue your passion."

Daniel has also found the truth in the old saying 'that nothing in life worth having comes easy'.  "Although University may not necessarily be difficult it does require great discipline and advanced time management skills. If you take advantage of available resources, you will develop, not only skills which will help you manage your degree, but your future career as well."

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