The University of Newcastle, Australia

University and Yourimbah sign MOU

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The University continually strives to improve the experience of our students and to enrich the working environment for our staff. In addition, we have identified an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the Central Coast Campus Union Limited (Yourimbah) and have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) committing us to working together to deliver an improved campus environment and retail services at Ourimbah.

Nat McGregor, Chief Operating Officer

UON and Yourimbah share the common objectives of providing improved campus and retail experiences for students and staff located at Ourimbah campus and both acknowledge and recognise the need for and value in ongoing investment into providing this.

The signing of the MoU in early April provides an agreed framework and associated milestones for the development of new commercial arrangements between the University and Yourimbah and a program for assessing and realigning the mix, location and service delivery model for retail and other ancillary services delivered at Ourimbah Campus.

One of the immediate objectives of the MOU is for Yourimbah to take responsibility for the operation of Blue Gum Café. The transition in management is currently underway and will be achieved through a leasing arrangement, with UON and Yourimbah agreeing and documenting commercial terms. The transition date will be achieved by the end of May with the aim being a seamless transition resulting in no interruption of service delivery to students, staff or campus visitors.

Other objectives include:

  • develop and agree on a new operating model for the delivery of retail services on the Campus. This model will aim to introduce a new retail service provider(s) to add competition, diversity, variety and create a contemporary retail environment for the Campus, and will be consistent with the recommendations of the University’s retail strategy
  • work together to create a contemporary, distinctive and differentiated retail offering for the Campus
  • identification of the need and responsibility for delivery of ancillary commercial arrangements on campus

UON and Yourimbah will provide representatives for the governance and delivery of the objectives of the MOU with an advisory group made up of stakeholder representatives (including campus partners) guiding implementation and communication.

We look forward to providing updates on the progress of this important agreement with Yourimbah over the next 12 months.


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