The University of Newcastle, Australia

SPP moves to the Resources Division

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Following a series of discussions involving the Vice Chancellor, the Director of Strategy, Planning and Performance and the Chief Operating Officer the Strategy, Planning and Performance (SPP) unit will transfer into the Resources Division portfolio from the Vice-Chancellor's Division.

Nat McGregor, Chief Operating Officer

The move will be effective straightaway and the process of integrating the SPP team into the Resources Division has commenced.

The transfer of SPP into the Resources Division is a natural progression which aligns and integrates the key planning, reporting, business intelligence and performance areas to the functional units within the Resources Division. The transfer as an opportunity for greater integration of services towards continuous quality improvement and enhanced processes, resulting in improved planning and reporting to the wider university community. The integration will also further support the University to achieve our strategic objectives and provision of an enriched student experience and the delivery of business intelligence to the University's leaders.

Nat McGregor
Chief Operating Officer

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