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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Professor John Germov, as the Convenor, Strategic Planning is driving the current consultation with staff around the draft plan for the next ten years.

Prof John Germov

Over the past couple of weeks, many areas across the University have been holding sessions to review the current draft of the New Futures Strategic Plan 2016-25.

I have been fortunate enough to attend a number of these meetings and witness firsthand the great engagement and suggestions from staff. The consultation process is a vital opportunity for each of us to lend our voice to the plan that will shape the next 10 years at UON.

If you have yet to do so, there is still time to provide feedback through your School or Unit, or you can make your own individual submission to the consultation process.

One of the recurring discussions throughout the consultation process to date has been around the primary audience for our strategic plan. Who is it aimed at?

It is my firm view that the strategic plan is a document that serves a dual purpose – appealing to internal and external audiences. New Futures clearly provides staff with a blueprint for the years ahead. It sets the context for actions and initiatives at the Faculty, Division, School and Unit level and from there, it helps each of us to plan our PRD goals and development. In equal measure, New Futures is aimed at potential staff, partner organisations, students and their families who are considering joining the UON community. It seeks to communicate our distinctiveness, strengths, and ambitions to those who may wish to be part of our future.  

As those who have reviewed the plan will know, we have identified a series of thematic areas that aim to express who we are and what we aim to be, through statements such as: 'An enduring commitment to equity', 'Graduates who make a difference', and a 'A passion for excellence and discovery'. The themes and their associated goals and strategies will help us to prioritise our efforts and provide clarity in our day-to-day work.

Do the 8 themes provide you with a greater sense of our ambitions and what we aim to do? Are the goals and strategies distinctive, relevant and meaningful?

These are some of the considerations we are asking of staff at every level of the organisation. After all, we will be charged with delivering this plan, so it's important to get it right.

I'm heartened by the quality of the discussions to date – it is patently clear to me that our staff, students and stakeholders are committed to the success of the University as we seek to forge a clear, bold and unique path for our future.

Kind regards


Note: This phase of the New Futures consultation period ends on 8 June.

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